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Journal jawtheshark's Journal: [Atom 330] The culprit of the slowdown 4

Very surpisingly, I found the culprit of the slowdowns. It's the NVidia driver. I installed it manually today, set to max effects and that's what makes the machine slow. Weird, one would expect better performance with the proprietary driver....Okay, in all fairness. Keeping the driver and setting it to no effects seems to put it back to normal.... Meaning no slowdown while typing.

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[Atom 330] The culprit of the slowdown

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    • My experience has been quite good with NVidia on Ubuntu. For example, running on a GeForce MX2 (very old card), it works just fine. Oh, well... Not going to complain. At least I have an halfway working desktop.
  • I'm using the Atom 330 Intel Reference Board as a Hackintosh, and it's pretty serviceable. It's no speed demon, but it surfs adequately. I use it as my primary coding box at work, running a 24" 1920x1200 monitor on the Intel graphics (945G?). It does light duty transcoding commercials for customers... hard work for the system but the Mac software I use makes it too easy to do anything else. It's fast enough for short videos, but it chokes on Hulu. Glad to hear you got the problem under control
    • I suspect that on Windows XP it would run much smoother. I'm not sure. Flash is a big problem on this machine, anything a bit more complex bogs it down. youtube and so is fine, even in HD (or whatever *they* mean with "HD")

      What I personally find very strange that even when it is sluggish like hell, the CPUs never are at 100%. Perhaps it's the disk I/O? No idea.

      Can't say for Hulu. That service is unavailable outside of the centre of the world ;-)

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