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Journal jawtheshark's Journal: Skeptists become creationsists.... 5

As many of you know, I subscribe to youtube feeds by geologists, biologists, and diverse skeptical people....

Yet, I got to laugh my ass off in a recent "disagreement" between skeptics. Do realise I'm not a creationist, and I'm an atheist. I'm not persecuting these guys for their normal discourses.

I just want to point out that these people talk about economics as it it were a real science, with proofs and such... Come one, its a "human science", they don' do the strict stuff we do in real science.

Take a look here and here They are both skeptics... both are they looking for evidence, but both in this case spew their opinions. Not facts....

They have become in essence what they despise: people spawning opinions instead of facts.

Economy is a soft science and its doesn't work like physics, chemistry, geology..... It really just is in the eye of the beholder....

They have fallen in their own trap... Sad, really...

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Skeptists become creationsists....

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  • Two teachers, an economist and chemist, were discussing preparing their end-of-term exams.

    The chemist bemoaned about how he had to come up with new questions each year to pevent cheating.

    The economist said she just gave the same test, with the same questions, wvery year ...

    The chemist was aghast. "If you don't change the questions, they'll cheat!"

    "Not really. The answers change every year."

    • Lovely joke.... Didn't ever hear it before, but it does illustrate what I meant.
      • My pleasure.

        Here's a freebie - made it up Sunday.

        Q: What do you call the week before Thanksgiving, when college students eat the cheapest food they can find because they're going to chow down on Mom's cooking come the weekend?

        A: Ramen-noodle-dan (say it fast).

  • i signed up for an anthropology class where he began by saying that all "hard" sciences were based on visually measured evidence and soft sciences, such as anthropology, were based on empathetic understanding.

    I challenged this and was rebuked. I dropped the class.

    I am majoring in psychology. The answers had better stay the same for things that are verifiable and reliable (such as syntax development experiments, for example) , but unverifiable or unrepeatable answers (Like the myers-briggs) had darned well b

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