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  • Just kidding. We're still waiting.

    Wine released 1.1.4. That made the front page. Thought you might be interested. ;)
    • Well, Lenny was announced for this month, IIRC... so they still have another 3 weeks.

      As for Wine: it's is always good... In the liquid and the electronic form :-D

      Thanks for the update!

      • by Daengbo ( 523424 )
        I was just playing with you on both. Realistically, you might be interested that
        • Lenny+1 is named Squeeze, after the alien in Toy Story.
        • FD.o has a new spec on thumbnail generation (moving it to DBus and using a back-end daemon).
        • Empathy didn't make the cut to push out Pidgin as Ubuntu 8.10's default IM client, but it will be included in the Gnome desktop for 2.24.
        • The OOXML appeal was denied and the court claimed the process was valid.

        Except for the standard MS-bashing and Apple-sucking, that's about all

        • Well, in that case.... I'd say, I didn't miss all too much. I think the OOXML appeal was denied just before I left.

          How are the MS bashers going to cope with a name like Squeeze... might as well have been Squirt... ;-))

  • In fact, I'm using it to post this message. It's a snappy browser.
    • I'll keep it in mind. I'll probably dump it on my work machine to see. Here at home, I'm still on Firefox 2.0.0.x and I see not much reason to change.
  • How was it? Mine's coming up. I really need it...
    • Too short... Way too short... I could have used another 2 weeks. One day of work, and ready again for vacation ;-))

      However, for the rest... beautiful weather, 50% rest, 50% culture, lots of Tuscany red and very good Italian food (cooked myself, of course!). All in all a success :-D

  • Is that Duke Nukem Forever was finally realeased. There were lines everywhere and made a staggering amount fo money almost overnight. But then someone filed a lawsuit claiming infringement and they went through and collected every last copy of it. Not only that but they purged the entire web of any reference to its release or lawsuit. I bet even google won't have any reference to it!

    Um, yeah, so nothing really to report;-)
    • --> Me laughing my arse off... Duke Nukem Forever out... The day that happens, the devil will hand out ski passes.

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