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Journal jawtheshark's Journal: Talk about bad timing... 8

A good friend of mine is getting married this year. Apparently he already told me the date, but it might as well not be the case. At least I didn't find any traces of it in my email. Note that if he sent it to my work email, it is most certainly gone, because I kill personal email after a while to save space on the tiny exchange repository that I have.

Anyway, today he wanted to know if the invitation had arrived already. Well, no it didn't, but he mentioned that it was the 30th August. Fuck... Just plain in the middle of my Tuscany vacation and I would have loved to go.... but I can't cancel the Tuscany vacation: it's all already paid for. I think they chose that date on purpose: 30th August is the last day of the summer vacation in Belgium. The probability that everyone is back is higher. Alas, I don't live in Belgium and the summer vacation is shifted two weeks... The last summer vacation day is 14th September here.

This is the second time this happens: I just suck at timing it seems.

Oh, well, on the positive side, it means two less meals for them to pay for.... Money saved.

I do feel bad about it.... :-(

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Talk about bad timing...

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  • My nephew just got married during the Grand Prix, so forget about decent hotel rates (unless you consider $1,000/night decent) for relatives coming to town.

    Notice how you get time off from work for funerals, but not weddings? There's a joke in there somewhere ...

    • by webhat ( 558203 )
      My ex timed the wedding perfectly, I think her exact words were: "When Hell freezes over!"

      So reserve the date!
    • 1000$/night... Holy fuckcrap!

      Notice how you get time off from work for funerals, but not weddings?

      I don't see an opening for a joke, but it's quite logical that a wedding is announced beforehand and so you can surrender your precious time "by free will".

      This is a bit like the joke: "Why do you always read in the paper when someone famous dies, but never when someone famous is born." ;-)

      • That's what happens when people change their wedding plans "at the last minute" (decided to hold it locally, then honeymoon in Mexico, instead of getting married in Mexico) ... so trying to find an unbooked hotel room on short notice for the Grand Prix weekend isn't going to happen ... they ended up at a hotel off the island ... still packed with tourists, but "only" $500/night.

  • Send a nice gift, one thought of by your own head and crafted by your own hands - or at least something thoughtful, send it to Mr. and Mrs. Whatever and try to have it arrive at the location of the Wedding a day before hand (or call the locale and ask if it would be permissible to have it arrive thusly).

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