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Puzzle Games (Games)

Journal jawtheshark's Journal: If only my wife had some respect for the work I do for her. 17

Tomorrow they have the school party or something like that. My wife has planned to hide puzzle pieces, and when the kids gather them all together, and assemble the puzzle, they'll get an object where they'll find a surprise. Something along those lines.

Of course for that she needs a puzzle. A puzzle in A3 format that depicts the object where the surprise is hidden and she asked if I couldn't do that. Sure, I can... For tomorrow morning? No problem. So I set off designing a 20 piece puzzle set in Inkscape. I'm no graphics designer, this takes time and it took a good two hours to get something I was happy with. She went to bed just before I printed out the four A4 pictures (two pictures, cut in half, with the puzzle template applied on it). That was at 22h00. I was a bit astonished, and asked when kissing her goodnight if she wasn't at least going to help me cut out the pieces. She looked at me as if I was asking the impossible and said, I quote: Do wou know how long it takes to cut out those pieces?.

Well, yes honey, I know now. It takes two hours, to paste the four printed photographs on cardboard, join the two halves, cut them into puzzle pieces, laminate them and cut the laminated pieces into usable puzzle pieces. That's as long as I took for designing the fucking thing. Something you can't do because you're too stupid or too lazy to learn. Just as you still can't comprehend that we have a public shared drive, or how to rip CD's to iTunes and import them to you fucking iPod. That time would have been halved if you helped me and I wouldn't have sore fingers from the cutting. (I counted, my fingers started getting sore when I cut out the twentieth piece of laminated puzzle)

She doesn't have a damned clue what I do for her. I keep in order all accounts, make budgets, write and correct her parent communication letters, burn twenty CDs with pictures every year so she can give it to the parents. Yes, she still can't burn a fucking CD, and I tell you burning 20 CD's takes a lot of my time.

Yet, no respect whatsoever for my work... Only because it's done on a computer and it seems as if I'm playing. Well, no, I'm not playing, I'm doing your goddamned work! But if I'm geeking out on my computer, I get a unhappy face telling me I don't spend enough time with her and my computer is more important than her.

Okay, well, off I go for some beer and adapt a parent letter from last year and translate it into English... All because she can't do that either.

Yeah, I'm friggin pissed... If only I had known before that that cute computer science girl had the hots for me back at University.... Of course, I never got her signals.... :-(

I hereby declare my work of tonight Public Domain, and you can download it here.

Note: All work done on Ubuntu, except for the printing as documented in a previous journal.

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If only my wife had some respect for the work I do for her.

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  • and you can't shoot them

    • Well, I could.... But who is going to bring me oranges in prison?
    • by webhat ( 558203 )
      ... and you can't get them to dress up in a skimpy Nazi costume and beat you with a warm squash.
      ... and you can't kill them no matter how hard you try.
      ... and you can't do most positions without them.
      ... and you can't bury them in the back yard without the neighbours seeing.

      Thought I'd try to cheer you up, I'm just depressed now...
      • Thanks for the laugh... It's just that she doesn't see the work. Sure, doing the stuff I do isn't very important in the grand scheme of things, but she could at least see that my work is done for the love of her. It's not "natural" or "evident". It's real work.
      • Thought I'd try to cheer you up, I'm just depressed now...
        'I am become Shiva, destroyer of worlds'

        I am not sure that that is really a good combination of moods. :-)

  • Best to store up as little of it as possible. :-) Either by working on the cause of it, or by just letting it go. Are you at a working emotional balance, for you? She does not seem likely to change a lot.

    You've never seemed to hang on to it much, which is generally a good thing. The occasional JE will blow off some steam. :-)

    • No she won't change... And yes, you're right, I'm using this journal to blow off steam. It's simply frustrating.

      On the other hand, talk to any user or middle manager and they have no clue what you do and how much time it takes you to do it. For an example, when I implemented my first bubble sort at age 14 (Yeah, I know O(n^2), but I did "invent" it myself) and showed it off to my mom, I got the following reaction: What? You took so much time to do that?. I was wrecked, completely disappointed because my

  • You and your wife should probably consider getting some relationship counseling. It sounds like there is a lot of frustration and resentment which isn't healthy.

    And please, for the love of God, make damn sure your relationship is healthy and solid before having any kids.

  • and doesn't treat you right...

    but have you sat her down and talked to her? You've got issues of your own if you can't do that much.
    I hope you left everything undone and went to bed also.

    • I hope you left everything undone and went to bed also.

      Let me take a wild guess. You're single, right? :)

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