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Comment Re:Textbook example of how to game a test. (Score 1) 260

So the streaming client that runs with edge is better than the streaming client that runs with Chrome. Good. What about browsing the internet?

Even if you talk about watching videos, it will be different depending on what codecs are used. Maybe you don't get the same result if you watch VP9 encoded videos. Are we really talking about the flash player? is edge using hardware decoding?

Comment Re:Teachable moment for the pols (Score 3, Insightful) 247

What this news tell us is Intel could have sold 10 million cores but was forbidden from doing so. The money that could have gone Intel's way have been used to improve Chinese chip manufacturing and the USA has failed to achieve the goal of stopping China from building a supercomputer more advanced than the best one in USA.


Comment This is interesting (Score 5, Insightful) 109

So AlphaGo is not so far away from a Dan 9 human player.

My guess is that the mistake AlphaGo made on move 79 will be analyzed and a new version will be created, stronger than the current one. Maybe this analysis will point to a whole class of mistakes that will be fixed.

It is a bit like when Google's self driving cars make a mistake. This mistake is used as input for the next release of the software so it doesn't act the same way next time. With this process, one car making a mistake results in a change in behavior of all of the cars, because with AI it is possible to communicate new knowledge to the rest of the cars. All of them improve, unlike humans for whom transmitting the new knowledge involves a lot of work or may not even be possible.

Comment Re:That's quite a leap... (Score 5, Insightful) 117

No it isn't. Who ever said that winning "Go" games was a step towards AI?

Winning at a game that cannot be brute forced and is played through strategy and pattern matching is a step towards AI. Having a part of the skills coded by programmers while another part of the skills is learned by the system by playing is a step towards AI.

Comment Re:short circuiting the branching factor (Score 1) 117

Exactly. The fact we don't understand how our brains work means we tend to attribute supernatural powers to them. But what about the only thing they do is statistical inference, montecarlo, pattern matching... That would mean that as we approach the processing power of a brain in your typical $1000 hardware, we would be able to implement artificial intelligence without developing new ideas or techniques. This is unlikely, but the success of neural networks of lately is the result of having more processing power thrown at the problem. Not the result of big theoretical advances.

Comment Re:That's quite a leap... (Score 2) 117

Yes, lets define intelligence as what computers cannot yet do... This win has narrowed the definition quite a lot.

The relevant part of this win is that a machine using pattern matching, generalization and reinforcement learning has beaten the best human at the only game left where humans bested machines.

I guess this is pretty relevant. It is not general AI, but it is a big step in that direction.

Comment Re:Greed is greed... (Score 1) 99

You have to give it to Zuckerberg. His rationalization of greed is brilliant. When he says: "Internet connectivity should be a human right", he means "Facebook should be a human right". If you put this together with his absolute disregard for people's privacy rights when they get in the way of his making money, it is clear that this is not a humanitarian effort.

And it didn't fly.

Comment Re:Autonomous ground vehicles (Score 1) 174

Well, I don't know what the man will answer, but as long as the autonomous vehicles are safer than a human in real life, you will not need a backup driver, even if "any automated system can theoretically fail at any time". This seems achievable. In fact it is one of the main talking points made by people pursuing self driven vehicles. You don't need to compare self driving software to the best human drivers, but to the worst. The ones responsible for accidents. Would removing a human from the picture avoid the accident?

Comment Re:Supplementation/diet evolution (Score 1) 174

You seem to be aware of the ideas developing in the longevity research space. What do you think about the SENS approach from Aubrey de Grey? Also, you work at Google so you may know what direction Calico is taking. It would be interesting to know if they are taking the "slow aging" direction where you tweak metabolism to reduce the amount of damage created by aging or they are taking the "repare damage" direction where you try to repair damage created by aging, as per the SENS approach.

Comment Adaptation (Score 1) 748

This should go both ways. People will need to adapt to the way automated vehicles drive (this would be helped by labeling them so they are easy to spot). Then automated vehicles should be given a set of exception to the rules and this would need to be legal, so the can override the regulations when the regulations are likely to create trouble.

Comment Re:This is amazing news (Score 2) 33

The only thing I can say is: Thanks. Thanks a lot.

Keep up the good work. This is the most important undertaking that can be taken at this time. You and people like you are going to change the world.

I am an old programmer, maybe too late to change paths. I do try to help the SENS initiative when I can, with money.

Comment Re:Or, alternately ... (Score 1) 389

You don't need to replace every car for disruption to happen. In fact you only need to replace cars driven by professional drivers.

- They do the most mileage. Replacing a small percentage of the global fleet would have a big impact.
- Most of the actual cost is labor, so the incentives are huge to get rid of the drivers.
- They are replaced fairly frequently
- As long as you don't have to pay a driver, in many cases it doesn't matter if they go slower.
- They tend to go through the same route most of the time. You only need the vehicle to be able to handle that route. They can start with specially simple routes.

Once a significant (if small) percentage of the vehicles is automatic, the incentive for anyone paying a driver is to get rid of him. Competition.

Comment Re:Barking up the wrong tree? (Score 1) 498

Please mod parent up. Your life is yours and only yours. You should be entitled to end it. People around you may suffer or you may be alienated enough that nobody would care much, but that, again is your decision. In my country the suicide rate goes way up on people over 80. They have had enough and want to end their lifes with some dignity and spare themselves all of the suffering of terminal illneses and isolation depending on a health system that only sees them as a number.

What is wrong with that? only the idea that your life belongs to God and you should accept whatever level of suffering life brings to you just so you can be "saved" and go to "Paradise". All this suffering caused to people that positively knows there is going to be more negative than positive during the rest of their lifes should be enough to understand the cruelty of religion.

People should watch: "The Ballad of Narayama" from Akira Kurosawa.

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