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Comment Re:Baloney (Score 1) 467

I think you are thinking of a complete belief in magical thinking, whereas this is talking about the "magical" type of thought that "this car does not like you to use full throttle until its warmed up", or feeling anger at a beer bottle with a top thet "doesn't want to come off". If you stop and reflect of course you know its nonsense, but I bet you sometimes have those thoughts anyway.

Maybe, but at that point you're not really talking about beliefs, you're talking about the quirks of language, which is something very different. For example, in the case of the bottle cap "not wanting" to come off, you're not anthropomorphising the bottle at all. You don't believe that the bottle has a life or a mind of its own. More often than not, you're commenting on your own inability to achieve the desired result. Maybe it evolved linguistically from magical belief, but I doubt it.

And before anyone gets too excited about all this, I found a research paper which finds that most findings in research papers are false.


Comment Re:Spain, Italy and Greece (Score 1) 353

Maybe taxes are always arbitrary, but I don't see how a terabyte tax this late in the same wouldn't affect consumers. I guess it's yet another example of technically illiterate politicians passing stupid laws that they don't understand the ramifications of . If Portugal has any kind of technology industry, this is likely to drive it elsewhere in the EU.

Comment Google doesn't get a free ride either (Score 1) 364

Just this morning, I was reading the Wall St Journal, and there was an article bashing Google for the Moto purchase. It's was pretty hard on them. The first paragraph of the article mentioned that it was a bad idea, and the rest of it was spent going over every possible reason it was a bad idea, droning over and over again about how Google is probably not a company that actually wants to make stuff. This isn't the first one I've seen either. The coverage of Google+ has been brutal. The coverage of the patent wars has been so incredibly mean spirited at times, that it borders on unprofessional.

And don't even get me started on the totally illiterate, comments from people who didn't read any further than the headline.

You can't compare the coverage Microsoft gets to the coverage Google gets, and say that Google gets a free ride. The argument just doesn't make sense.

Not saying they're going easy on Microsoft, but let's face it. Post Gates Microsoft isn't especially interesting.

Comment Re:Do employers really ask for your fb password? (Score 2) 211

Yes. They do. It was part of why I left my last job. Social media marketing companies in particular are notorious for wanting to snoop around. They also do things like create social media profiles in your name that they swear will change when you go. And their word is as good as the paper it's printed on. Personally, I wouldn't work with any company that demanded my facebook information. While not technically illegal everywhere, it's in bad taste.

Comment Re:This is cool! (Score 1) 124

Wow, that's crazy. I haven't been to New York for years, but here in Kansas City, there haven't been any phone booths for years. I saw one a few months ago that was kind of half up at a gas station on my way to Saint Louis. I thought it was interesting enough to take a closer look. When I got closer, I noticed that there was in fact a phone in it. But someone had cut off the receiver. Probably years ago.

Comment It is a great design (Score 1) 183

Most of mine are usually all variations on that one, give or take the angle and number of folds in the wings. The conventional paper airplane, the classic is pretty good too, if you fold larger section of the tip down, which gives it a little more weight on the front end. It'll make it fly longer, if you adjust the angle of the wings from quarter to half. That's my two cents. Hope that helps.

Comment Thank god (Score 0) 577

I was really worried this guy was going to try to keep going. The way he speaks reminds me of Hitler, in both subject matter and candor. This whole business of fighting the good culture warrior fight makes me very nervous. I don't like Romney either, but he doesn't scare the bejeepers out of me the way Santorum did.

Comment Now I don't know about your workplace, (Score 1) 159

but this never would have occurred to me. And I don't think my project manager would have thought about it either. At least here, we're way to busy working. If this is a real problem anywhere, there's only going to be one cause. Not enough to do. My advice for any manager who is legitimately worried about this: get busy, and this problem will magically go away. It's uncanny.

Comment This whole business of personal search... (Score 3, Interesting) 159

You know, I totally get why they want to do personal search like this, but I think that they're missing the bigger picture. On all but a very small subset of topics, I don't need or want something that's customized to me individually. The fact that it's there at all means that something I'm directing a client to look for is going to be harder for them to find, if we both have highly customized search enabled (?) when we visit the web search page.

I've also found that Google news has noticed that I don't like to read right wing political content. So they've been giving me less of it. That's another problem, as I never asked them to do it. Maybe the solution here is letting users sculpt their own experiences, based on what they actually tell Google they want? Automating this has the potential for being absolutely disastrous if they don't get it right.

Comment Re:And the march continues (Score 1) 197

Sure does seem like that, doesn't it. There was a reason I switched to Chrome as my surfing browser. What concerns me more about what this whole thing says about the open and free nature of Firefox. You know you can't publish anything for Metro without Microsoft's express consent, right? I'm not saying the M wouldn't approve it, but even if it did; especially if it did, you would be installing yet another piece of Microsoft approved software on your desktop. Think about that for a minute. If you're in the business of using Microsoft approved browsers to begin with, why would you care that Firefox even exists in the first place. Answer? You wouldn't.

Windows 8 runs just fine with regular Windows apps. I'm using it at home as my main OS because Ubuntu shit on itself, and Mac OSX won't install with my video card. Even though I have Windows 8, I'm really not enjoying Metro. I have yet to see a compelling need or app for it. I spend most of my time in Desktop mode because it works better. It's pretty much identical to Windows 7, with a much improved start menu system. That I like. I just think Metro, and Firefox are for the birds. That's all.

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