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Comment Re:27" FTW (Score 1) 375

Love this monitor. It gives you the space to do side-by-side work without taking up extra desk space as well as expand one window when needed (like in an eclipse debugging session with a smaller Android emulator on the side.)

I agree that 30" is just too big - gotta turn my head a bunch if it's on a normal-sized desk

NOTE: This monitor is on sale for $649 today - use code RDSVHG$9FHDJ44

Comment Re:Pay the penalty where it is cheap. (Score 1) 330

My favorite example of this came out accidentally when I was teaching layouts in Java. I showed a button that said "Bye" and said "Suppose you translate it into German as "Auf Weidersehen". I drew a box the same size as the "Bye" box and it happened to just show "Weider". There was a german speaker in the class who laughed, and told me that the "Bye" button now said "Again". Layout managers FTW.

Comment Camtasia, Evernote, Graphics tablet, mic (Score 4, Interesting) 150

I've been recording and posting my lectures at JHU using Camtasia for many years...

I whiteboard using a graphics tablet (Wacom Bamboo fun, drawing ink notes on Evernote). I write code examples on the fly in Eclipse (and if Android apps, run them in an emulator or use droid@screen to mirror). I surf to websites. When I rarely have slides, I show them. Everything I say (using a headset mic) and do is recorded using Camtasia. After class I do some minor edits and post the videos and example code from the class on the course website after class.

Much less expensive than a smartboard (even moreso if you use alternate recording software), and the students love it (almost everyone comments on it in the evals)

  • * They can review the entire lecture easily
  • * They can focus on what I'm currently saying, rather than on writing down what I just said (some still take notes, but they're much more top-level outline than all the details). This has greatly increased the flow of the class.
  • * If a student cannot come to class, they can still see everything that I did
  • * It allows me to review what I've said in previous terms

I'm a little surprised that the students still come to class... I suspect it's because they like being able to ask questions and interact with the other students.

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