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Submission + - The End of the Line for DMVs? (

javajedi writes: At DMVs across the country, the days of waiting in line may be numbered. That's the goal of an innovative queue system that virtually eliminates the need for customers to physically stand in line. The virtual line management system, called QLess, lets users input a mobile phone number to hold their place in line and notifies them about wait times, which frees users up to run errands, grab a cup of coffee, etc. Users will receive text message alerts to let them know when it's their turn.

Submission + - Server Beach quickly rewrites SLA after outage (

javajedi writes: After experiencing a significant network outage last week, due to a botched DNS upgrade, Server Beach decided to cut their losses by quickly and quietly rewriting their network SLA to claim they were only responsible for a 5% refund every HOUR of down-time, instead of the previous 5% for every half-hour of down-time. They sent no notification of this change to their customers. You can find their previous SLA in Google's cache

Comment Re:Rent our botnet! (Score 2, Interesting) 46

Outsourcing the reading part doesn't buy you much. If this just did a crawl, it would be of very limited value. That's not what it does.

Wrong. If I want to spider a single web site, many sites have rate-limiters that kick in and will block me after a while. This would allow me to hit it from multiple machines.

There are some security limits, which might even work. Supposedly, all the Java apps can do is look at crawled pages and phone results home. Right.

Why the sarcasm? This seems like a perfect use case for the JVM's security mechanism.


Submission + - Cell phones to forever eliminate standing in line? (

javajedi writes: "Mashable has a nice write-up on on QLess, a queue management solution using cell phones to physically eliminate the need to stand in line. Looks like the product works for restaurants, DMVs, doctors' offices, and lots of other places that are needless time sucks. 'The idea is that you can check into a line by sending a text message or making a phone call, without even the need for someone to physically check you in. Then, you'll simply receive a text message or phone call when your turn in line has come up.' Nice!"

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