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Comment Re:Salaries are low; NZ is poor (Score 3, Informative) 195

Salaries are *low* in NZ.

Salaries in isolation means nothing unless you're saving up for living somewhere else. Cost of living in NZ is relatively low.

I'm not sure I agree with this. Housing is expensive, maybe not as bad as some places but there's a housing bubble right now. Finding rental properties can be difficult - according to the news paper 40 people looked at one rental recently. Anything from overseas often has multiple margins added as it goes through multiple distributors, or if you import it yourself shipping fees can be high and the government charges tax and sometimes duties. Food is cheaper in the UK and the USA - sometimes it's cheaper to buy NZ products like cheese and meat overseas than in NZ.

Comment Re:Do they need Infrastructure People? (Score 1) 195

Do you get those speeds to the rest of the world, or just within NZ?

TCP latency limits the bandwidth of a single international connection, but in parallel you'll get that throughput. Since Netflix has nodes in NZ you could run multiple 4K streams across it no problem, all while downloading files and doing anything else you needed to do.

Comment Storage Spaces (Score 1) 366

Plenty people have pointed out the flaws with this approach, around 3/2/1 and "raid is not a backup". I have hard drives in multiple locations with incremental backups - mirrors are vulnerable to ransomware / cryptoware. Critical information is also in CrashPlan, which is versioned.

The question also asks about experience with storage spaces. Around a year ago I purchased two HGST 4TB drives, formatted them ReFS with all integrity checking / fixing options turned on, and put them into a storage spaces mirror on W10. Since then they've worked fine - just like a single regular hard drive. Performance is fine with my older i7-2600K processor and 16GB RAM, but I don't do anything particularly disk intensive, though I do edit up to 1000 RAW photos at a time and haven't seen a problem. The windows event log seems buggy (maybe because I started on the W10 beta) and I can't actually get any information out of the event viewer, so I have no idea if it's detecting and / or fixing issues in the background, but I can access any of my files all the time so it's likely working fine.

The drive does get very, very fragmented according to Defraggler. The Windows tool defragments somewhat, though it still leaves many fragments. Defraggler can try to defragment it, but it's exceptionally slow. I don't know whether or not it's required.

Comment It doesn't need to taste like meat (Score 1) 466

I haven't eaten meat in about five years, before which I did the Atkins diet on which I ate a LOT of meat. I just had enough. These days I don't like the smell or taste of meat, or of products that try to mimic meat. Tofu trying to taste like meat turns my stomach, I'd far rather they make something taste as good as it can, not like something else.

I agree that getting it to taste familiar might make it easier to convert carnivores, but having tasty high protein options that don't try to mimic flesh would be appreciated by many people.

Comment Comment filter (Score 5, Insightful) 2219

I tried the beta this morning. There was no obvious way to show only the comments rated 4* and above. There are ways of seeing funny or insightful posts, but you don't get to control how many.

The new design seems less space efficient. More clicks are required to read stories (including this one).

No plans to change in the near future.

Comment Sugar and gluten seem to be my keys (Score 1) 635

Years ago I did the Atkins diet, I lost 30kg in 3-4 months. I don't consider it a great long term option these days, but it works, though perhaps not for the reason Atkins thought it did. I'm vegetarian now partly thanks to the excessive meat I ate back then. I've tried all sorts of diets, no sugar, gluten free, low GI, etc, etc, most worked to at least some degree if I stuck to it. I think the rigor is more important than the diet you choose.

A good workout might burn say 500 calories. For most people it's far easier to cut that from their diet than to exercise every day.

What helps me is:
  - Cutting down sugar 95% - this includes fruit juice, sauces, manufactured products, alcohol
  - Cutting out gluten - I don't have ceilacs, but I find if I stop eating gluten I lose weight much more easily
  - Accurately and honestly track what I eat and what I do. There are heaps of systems, myfitnesspal is the one I use
  - Moderate exercise 3-4 times per week. I live in a hilly area, 30-40 minutes walking up and down those works for me. Even something as simple as a 15 minute walk at lunch time helps.

This is working for me, slowly but surely


Submission + - Returning NZ Soldier Fined Under Skynet Law (freezenet.ca)

Dangerous_Minds writes: The publicity for the New Zealand three strikes law (or Skynet law) isn't getting any better. Freezenet is pointing to an article on Stuff which details the latest incident revolving around the Skynet law. Apparently, a soldier was just finishing a tour in Afghanistan and returning to New Zealand. When he got back to the country, he found out he received his third and final copyright infringement strike and was to appear before the copyright tribunal. Despite the obvious circumstances, he was fined $255.97 for downloading music from Hot Chelle and Rhianna anyway. Last month, it was revealed that RIANZ spent $250,000 just to reap the reward of $616.57.

Comment Peak usage could be the issue (Score 1) 353

The issue is probably not interconnection and peering, it's probably provisioning for peak usage.

Take a neighborhood of 1000 houses. Ten years ago there may have been a few people download mp3s, someone downloading a movie, some people doing web and email, aggregated you probably would've gotten away with a 10Mbps connection, maybe less as the internet wasn't as widely used. These days during peak periods you could expect perhaps 100 people streaming HD Netflix to their TV, some downloading torrents, others browsing images, watching youtube videos, you have people on phones, tablets, smart TVs, devices doing updates, etc - that would probably require more like 1Gbps, 100 times more bandwidth than ten years ago.

Interconnection costs less, but you have to upgrade your huge number of expensive routers and various network equipment, upgrade your back-haul, provide local caches for youtube and netflix, etc, etc. Sure they're making increasing profits every year, but it's not like they're standing still.

Comment Community headphone reviews website (Score 1) 448

http://www.headphonereviews.org/ is non commercial headphone reviews website. There are some editors reviews, but most of the reviews are by users, with reviews by experienced headphone users given more weight than reviews by new members. The site is moderated to keep the review quality high.

Disclaimer: I own and run the website, and the website covers its costs by getting affiliate revenue from amazon.

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