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Comment Sooner rather than later (Score 0) 25

"Apple is preparing to enter the immersive technology race sooner rather than later..." After Facebok (through acquiring Oculus), HTC & Valve (Vice), Sony (PSVR), Samsung (Gear), Microsoft (Hololens), and Google (Magic leap), Apple might maybe finally also start doing something. That sounds more like "later, rather than not at all" to me.

Comment "I can't imagine..." (Score 0) 319

From the hackaday piece: "we’re not going to replace ourselves into extinction. That’s just silly. Someone still has to design robots, train them, fix them, and streamline their processes." Yes, because design, training, mechanics and streamlining are uniquely human capabilities! Just because you have a hard time imagining something, does not mean it cannot be. Many people have a hard time imagining evolution working.

Comment Science says (Score 0) 958

While I agree that it would be nice to have some sensible answers and concensus in the health and nutrition field, bits like this really made me cringe:

"The pattern science serves up, thanks to its winged monkeys in the media, is something like this:
Step One: We are totally sure the answer is X.
Step Two: Oops. X is wrong. But Y is totally right. Trust us this time."

Excuse me?! Those press-gargoyles sure as bloody hell aren't OUR winged monkeys. It's more like:
"Step one: scientists say: hey, there's an effect linking A and B. Let's investigate further.
Step one A: press: Scientists prove A causes B! Don't ever do A again!!! You won't believe what comes next...
Step two: scientists say: Hrmmm... seems it doesn't replicate. Good thing we checked.
Step two B: press: Holy shit scientists have been lying to us! Oh the humanity! Who can we trust?!"

Comment Head tracking (Score 0) 74

I have experienced the Oculus DK 1 and am now in posession of a DK2. While I haven't tried the Gear VR, I think the reviewers treat the lack of positional tracking very very mildly. To me, the sense of disorientation in the DK1 is so huge, and having used the DK2 without positional tracknig as well as with, I can confirm just the tracking can make all the difference. Sure, you can say 'just don't move your head', but then you might as well say 'just don't look around' and use a standard 3D screen. Full positional head tracking is a key element of VR, and Oculus was absolutely right to move in that direction with the DK2.

Submission + - Netflix develops Oculus interface (among other hacks)

jasper_amsterdam writes: At the 'Netflix hack day', several cool hacks were developed, including (menu) support for the Oculus Rift, support for Netflix controlling background lighting, and a console interface. Cool stuff, but I should note there isn't necessarily any intention of implementating these. Netflix' tech blog has a report.

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