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Comment Crunchbang Linux (Score 1) 466

It's just Ubuntu with OpenBox / lxpanel and lightweight software, but that combination leaves you with lots of screen real estate. Everything works out of the box for me. The dark default theme isn't for everyone, and you can probably brew your own Ubuntu to do the same thing, but it's worked for me on my 1000hd.

Comment Re:GamePolitics motivated by bigotry? (Score 0, Troll) 272

"It seems fair to ask whether GamePolitics is motivated by anti-Christian or anti-religious bigotry in their coverage. " Who's the bigot? The incident they mentioned involved the Governor agreeing with the infamous preacher Hagee, who said non-Christians will "burn in hell." Wait--who's the bigot here? How is it okay to think that a large group of people--most of the world--will and should burn for eternity in a pit of fire, but it's not okay to condemn people who believe such evil fairy tales?

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