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Submission + - Oracle and Apple Announce OpenJDK Project for OSX 1

jasonmanley writes: "Good news all around! Oracle and Apple announced the OpenJDK project for Mac OS X. Apple will contribute most of the key components, tools and technology required for a Java SE 7 implementation on Mac OS X, including a 32-bit and 64-bit HotSpot-based Java virtual machine, class libraries, a networking stack and the foundation for a new graphical client. OpenJDK will make Apple's Java technology available to open source developers so you can access and contribute to the effort.

Furthermore, the JCP Executive Committe has approved the JSR "quartet" for Java SE 7 and Java SE 8. With this ratification, the Java standard will progress through the JCP while the open source reference implementation will be delivered through the OpenJDK project. See you on OpenJDK!"

Submission + - What does it take to become a security specialist? 2

jasonmanley writes: "I would really like to specialise in IT security. As a c++ programmer I thought that I had a good base for progressing this passion. But as I delve more and more into the subject it seems like there is a lot more to IT security than "programming". My question is basically this: How far does one take it? It would seem to me that there are many disciplines that one needs to master. Can the community tell me if they agree or disagree with this list and to what extent should each discipline be mastered?
1] Low level electronics: chips, wires, circuits etc
2] Assembly language
3] C (not c++)
4] Network stack programming (across platforms)
5] Protocols: TCP/IP, UDP, NetBIOS, NETBeui etc
6] SSL, L2TP etc
7] Application Specific Knowledge eg: SQL Server, IIS, Exchange, VBA Macros
8] OS specific API / function calls etc
9] Encryption SHA, Kerebos, 3DES
10] Stack Specific: Java, .NET, AD vs LDAP
11] Third party firewall products .... and so forth.
Does one really need to master all this (including the stuff I have left out) to sell oneself as a security specialist? And then there is the question of certification ..."
The Courts

Submission + - Legal double standard ( 1

jasonmanley writes: "In New Zealand a guy gets convicted of gang raping a woman. The crime took place in 1989 and the man was convicted in 2005. Because the crime took place in 1989 the man was sentenced according to the law of the day i.e 7 years. However he has since been granted parole based the law as it stands today i.e. You must have served one third of your sentence — not as it was in 1989 where you must have served two thirds of your sentence. This is such a double standard! That is not the only problem as I see it:
1] He only got 7 years
2] He was up for parole 3 time in 2007! WTF: Assuming his first petition is denied — let him wait a year and then reapply — but up for parole 3 times in one year!
Why do legal systems favour the criminals and never the victims?"


Submission + - Which webtechnology should I choose?

jasonmanley writes: "I am not a professional web developer, but I have an idea for a hobby website. So I started looking into the various technologies available with which to create my site. To start with you have your basic HTML, CSS and JavaScript — that's fine. But once you want to start adding any "intelligence" to the website you are bombarded with competing technologies and I simply do not know how to go about chosing one.
PHP vs ASP vs Python vs Ruby vs Java [Struts vs Faces vs ....] vs ????
Objective-J vs Cocoa vs JavaScript or whatever (I just read something about it on Slashdot)
FLASH vs JavaFX vs SilverLight vs AJAX vs [insert new ADOBE standalone internet technology thing here]
Turbo Gears vs Zope vs ????
Well you get the picture.
Now I am sure that I got some of those comparisons mixed up but I think I got the gist across. Oh yeah then there is hosting — which will be limited depending on your technology choice.
Basically I would like to know which technology is a one-stop-shop that does it all.
FreeStyle user interaction like Flash or Ajax
DataBase calls
Affordable Development IDE
Viewable in all browsers
Any ideas?"
Operating Systems

Submission + - Who do I donate to? 1

jasonmanley writes: "I use an OS called DesktopBSD. The other day I gave some thought to donating some money to the project, but then I got to thinking — who would I donate to? DesktopBSD benefit from FreeBSD and KDE among others. Should I donate to FreeBSD, or what about openSSH if they use that? In fact there are heaps of other project's software embedded in FOSS packages and I would like to know who the community thinks should get the donations."

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