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Comment collapse at any minute? (Score 1) 246

If we're looking at the light source from something that was emitted 9 billion light years ago, how do we know the universe is still expanding? Isn't it possible the universe quit expanding and has been shrinking for the last few billion years? Would we even know about it if it was shrinking at the speed of light? What abou... [no carrier]

Comment Re:Cost/Benefit (Score 1) 364

I don't think they care.

Every unit sony sold, sony lost money on.

Every unit sold that wasn't purchased with the intent to play games on, sony lost projected income on.

Either way you look at it, sony will be glad to have rid themselves of those kinds of people.

Comment Re:Typical..... (Score 1) 289

Their initial pricing of $99 will be dropped if they find that the demand isn't there.

I wouldn't buy it for any price higher than $35. It isn't worth that much, but I think their price point is to compete with their stand alone products. They would not want to cannibalize their own products especially given the userbase of the iPhone.

Comment Re:You're kidding me. (Score 1) 289

You make good points, but by the same logic, I could say that I want a phone that does only phone calls, to save wear and tear on my mp3 player. I could also say I want a palm pilot for a PDA. And a dedicated PVP for video on the go.

In the end, you will have a dozen digital devices, when you could have done it with just one.

Comment Re:You ignore the basic problem (Score 1) 891

> The whole point is that cars are getting more efficient while using less gas

That is a good thing. And you can raise taxes accordingly. This helps not only raise money, but also punishes fuel inefficient vehicles. I like this approach much better than the $4500 reward they're giving to people for making poor choices in life.

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