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Comment Quit adding more commercials (Score 1) 134

Football is miserable now because they skip out to a commercial every possible second they can. Touchdown -> Commercial -> Kickoff --> Commercial --> Start next drive. Forget it.

TV shows are bad too. I've been ripping my favorite shows to MKV files, and the folder details show the the lengths. An older 30 minute show like family guy in season 1 is 22-24min. An episode of big bang theory season 9? Freakin 18-20 minutes! MacGyver season 1? 48 minutes. Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D? 41-43 MINUTES!

Comment i built something similar (Score 1) 23

Not spamming or anything, but as a hobby I built something similar and started on it before amazon had this. Its called myKhee and we are focused on small home projects only. There is an expedited verification, and is geared towards amateurs. Home owners post quick projects, and people find them quickly on a map to complete them for quick cash. The idea is let people make quick cash by finding things they think they can do close by, and the home owners gets it done quickly.

I think this is a better model than amazon's because there's minimal red tape, projects can be found quickly and easily, and it's totally free.

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