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Comment Good (Score 2) 119

Of course we all know their stores mostly sell used games. Recently I built a gaming PC and wanted GTA V for it. Searching online had it cheapest at like $30 and said brand new on their website. Foolishly, I ordered it. It came a few days later, and the box for the game was so battered and ripped, and the game was clearly used. The discs were scratched. I was surprised it actually installed. I was pissed, but at least I was about to play the game. Until the game asked for the activation code. Looking in the box--- no code, actually not even any manuals or anything but the discs. Now I was pissed! So I initiated a return, and the customer service person said that I will be refunded, but MINUS THE SHIPPING!! Can you believe that? They sell me worthless discs, and I'm out money? The game + shipping was $38. Well, after they refused to refund shipping, I did a chargeback and the credit card handled the refund. Turns out, walmart had it in store for $39.99 fully brand new perfect, unopened, and most importantly had the activation code. F you gamestop.

Comment I'd never pay that (Score 1) 128

Way too much. I'm fine waiting for the blu ray or UHD, which is far better quality than streaming anyways. For absolutely critical movies (e.g. Star Wars) I'll see it in a theater anyways.

Side rant: These fucking ads at the top of Slashdot is the worst fucking thing ever. It keeps flickering as I scroll and covering up the content. Get fucking rid of these, you asshats.

Comment Re:$700 GTFO (Score 1) 151

Yeah, and $700 is dirt cheap for this consider I just spent $640 on a 1080 and the Titan is $1200. Besides, the PS4 Pro isnt real 4k. The extra fre hundres is totally worth it, and the PC is used for many other things, for me anyways. My overclocked 6700k is used for software development, video processing, and music recording.

Comment Re:$700 GTFO (Score 1) 151

I currently run a geforce 1080 overclocked a bit with my 1920x1200 monitor. I'm in the market for the new HDR 4k monitors coming out this year. Anyways, In Grand Theft Auto 5, I have all the settings at mostly ultra setting. For the most part, I get a solid 60fps, but here and there a bit of frame drop, but not that bad. I will be absolutely trading up to the 1080ti once it comes out, and those monitors are out.

Comment Re:Maybe because they aren't the best right now. (Score 1) 157

I hear you. But I was seriously considering getting a PS4 Pro until I realized that theres no UHD player, and it's not real 4k--its upconverted. So you figure $400-$600 for the PS4 and accessories, but the graphic capability can not in any sense come close to the real 4k amazing graphics that this card is capable of. So, I decided to go back to PC for gaming, and do not regret it.

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