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Comment Re:Weak spot in FAA's "NextGen" system (Score 1) 386

I work on this system and as it says in the article you quoted, they are not actually "replacing" traditional radar. We still very much use Radar but the GPS-like system (it is not the same as the GPS in your car) allows us to position planes even closer to each other to allow more planes to share the same amount of space.

In addition, the current plans (including about the next 10 years) are all about making the current human air traffic controllers more efficient and reliable and the systems are all still based around human interactions which I really don't see changing anytime soon.


Submission + - Intelligent Learning Spam Filters

Thistledowne writes: "I find myself wondering if perhaps in the near future companies might spring up, [perhaps they already have and I've not heard of them], that would offer subscribers the ultimate most cutting edge intelligent learning filter for spam e-mail; A human. As people become more and more frustrated with the constant barrage of spam e-mails, security and privacy might be commodities of diminishing value. Imagine if you will a day where you check your mail and every single email was legitimate. I expect a system could be arranged that would limit loss of privacy and security, but it would still be a position of trust. Has anyone run across something like this previously?"


Frank writes: "01 March 2007

A New York man reportedly wanted dead by the powerful NYC Mafia for allegedly bilking them out of $400,000 on a failed joint business venture has created an internet blog, detailing his life on the run.

The man, under the assumed name 'Frank', claims to have been on the run since late November after been savagely attacked by Mafia enforcers after failing to make a repayment. Amazingly, he isn't under police protection or the federal Witness Protection Program, and is going it alone, vowing to raise the cash he owes to pay off the Mafia, stating: "I realize what I am doing will, to most people, seem crazy, but I have many good reasons for going this route, including legal reasons and family reasons which people can read about in more detail on my blog, including the full background story to this nightmare. I'm sure I can get myself out of this mess, I just need time."

But time is limited and running out. Despite Frank's determination to come up with the money against all odds, he is well aware that given the scale of the manhunt the Mafia have launched to find him, that he could be found at any time — particularly as he freely admits on his blog that he remains in New York City. He has therefore given himself a limit which he feels still leaves him with a fighting chance: "while the heat is on me like this they will find me, sooner or later. I have, therefore, given myself a deadline of 90 days to come up with enough money to catch up with repayments and to continue to pay these people back, providing the vig (Mafia interest) by this time isn't so far out of my reach."

The mob's intentions to impose a severe penalty should they not recover their money were made abundantly clear at a chilling meeting with several Mafia members when one warned: 'I swear to God, unless we get our money, and fast, you are a dead man walking.'

Frank — who now carries a gun with him for protection at all times — explains: "That is where I got the name for the website from, and my address which is www.deadmanwalking.net", adding: "This is not a pastime for me, this is serious. My life right now is consumed entirely by doing everything in my power to generate enough money so I can begin paying them off. I was able to utilize my past experience as a webpage designer to create my blog and I'm generating the revenue through advertising, merchandising and any other avenues I can come up with."

'Dead Man Walking' — the title of Franks blog — is predicted to take the blogging world by storm, gathering ever-growing interest not only from regular readers, but also attracting interest from federal law enforcement, who are said to be collating information to try and launch further investigations into the matter. One New York law enforcement official looking into the matter, who wished to remain anonymous, whom has visited the Dead Man Walking website and is used to working against so-called 'wiseguys' has called the man's actions 'Quite literally, suicide' and said if the Mafia do find him, and it is very probable they will, that it is highly unlikely that they will hesitate in carrying out their deadly threats and has urged the man to seek protection of law enforcement immediately.

##### ENDS


'Frank' — who has been on the run since November 27th 2006 — is an ex-webpage designer and programmer from New York who started up a luxury car rental company in early 2005. By early 2006 the business had attracted the attention of the Mafia who unbeknownst to 'Frank' were behind a long-running campaign of sabotage on his fleet of cars in order to make him desperate to reach out for help. In March, 2006, the perfect opening they had been trying to engineer presented itself and they seized upon this, offering themselves as a 'security company' and they also became partners by injected money into the business and sourcing repairs to an auto-repair shop run by them. Frank was unaware of who they were as he was dealing with only one person (who he is yet to name), and by the time he had figured out who they were it was way too late.

The car rental company inevitably collapsed because of the greedy and illicit activities of the Mafia to try and suck money out of the business any way they could. They then demanded their money back and broke Franks arm when he missed two consecutive payments, which is the time he went on the run.

Visitors to Franks blog (www.deadmanwalking.net) can expect to see his regular blog entries, the full background story in his own words which explains his very complicated situation, as well as a merchandise store and more. Also on the blog is the ominous 90 day countdown timer he has placed on the site as an ever-present reminder both to readers and himself of the looming deadline.

For enquiries and more information contact: press@deadmanwalking.net"

Submission + - Shrunk Budget for NASA Causes Delay in Manned Moon

mikesd81 writes: "Playfuls has an article stating that the $545 million reduction from NASA's budget for 2006 could delay the agency's plans to send a man back to the moon in 2014, NASA's boss Michael Griffin told the Congress on Thursday. The possible delay could be four to six months delay (pushing the 2014-planned flight to early 2015) and into a "brain drain" of specialists. Congress' refusal to accept the initial budget for the project could postpone the first launch of the new manned spacecraft until December 2014 at the "very best". President Bush's $2.9 trillion fiscal 2008 space and science budget includes more than $6 billion for NASA. Included is $1.2 billion for the National Aeronautics and Space Administration to develop the new rocket for Orion. If the Congress accepts the funding, NASA would also receive $1.6 billion to conduct astronomy research, upgrade the Hubble telescope and build new space telescopes."

Submission + - Daylight Saving Time

lilbudda writes: "Given the new Daylight Saving time in the US, how are you preparing your servers and users for the change?"

Submission + - NASA's future inflatable lunar base

Roland Piquepaille writes: "If you think that future NASA's moon camps need to have a science fiction look, you might be disappointed. Today, NASA is testing small inflatable structures. In fact, if these expandable 'tents' receive positive reviews, astronauts will 'camp' on the moon as early as 2020. These 12-foot (3.65 meter) diameter inflatable units could be used as building blocks for a future lunar base. Right now, a prototype is tested at NASA's Langley Research Center. But NASA also wants to test other inflatable structures in the not-too-friendly environment of the Antarctic next year. Still, it's too early to know if NASA's first habitable lunar base will use inflatable or rigid structures. Here you'll find more details about this project and pictures showing this NASA's inflatable lunar basic unit during and after deployment."
The Matrix

Submission + - Why should I care about global warming?

An anonymous reader writes: Everyday, I hear about global warming/climate change. But no one ever states why I should care. Can someone give me a compelling reason in a single sentence why I should care about global warming? Really, what is the big fuss about? Is it because you are concerned that the human race will die out? I do not find this concern compelling enough for me to stop driving a SUV, flying in a jumbo jet, using the A/C or keeping the heater on in the winter. Ultimately, our planet will die anyway when our sun dies. I just wish someone could give me a very simple reason why I should care personally about global warming.... a reason compelling enough for me to want to keep the A/C off and be less comfortable.

Submission + - Registerfly - do you know where your domain is?

hookmeister writes: "If you registered your domain at Registerfly.com, then you should know it may be locked, and you are at the moment unable to access it through registerfly.com's website. The story as a video. You may even have an un-renewable situation where your domain expires into a status known as redemption through no fault of your own. By all accounts there are just under 2 million domains at risk here, ENOM dumped them as a reseller, Its a Mess... Once clue is that thier SSL cert expired.

Fortunately there is some good news. The Principals in this are trying to restore order. A website www.Registerflies.com (originally crafted as a gripe-zone and forum for regsiterfly users) has gotten inside the ranks of the Regsiterfly management shakeup, made some friends and connections and is creating a back-door problem reporting form that goes directly to those that can correct a domain problem. (The RegisterFly support ticketing system is clogged with thousands of Un-answered complaints.) Go HERE and get at the top of the list, or follow it as the situation evolves."

Submission + - Wanna be great surgeon? Start playing video games

Anonymous Coward writes: "Surgeons with video game skill appear to perform better than non-gamers, according to a report in the February issue of Archives of Surgery, one of the JAMA/Archives journals. "Training curricula that include video games may help thin the technical interface between surgeons and screen-mediated applications, such as laparoscopic surgery," the authors conclude. "Video games may be a practical teaching tool to help train surgeons.""

Submission + - UK: Blair Dismisses Online Anti ID-Card Petition

Anonymous Coward writes: "Elected Dictator / Prime Minister Tony Blair has responded personally via e-mail to 28,000 online petitioners opposing the UK's planned identity card scheme, and has closed the online petition. The e-mail reads: "We live in a world in which people, money and information are more mobile than ever before. Terrorists and international criminal gangs increasingly exploit this to move undetected across borders and to disappear within countries. Terrorists routinely use multiple identities — up to 50 at a time." ..."ID cards which contain biometric recognition details and which are linked to a National Identity Register will make this much more difficult.""

Submission + - Can I sell my used mp3s?

An anonymous reader writes: Can I sell my used digital music that I purchased online?

Submission + - BBC launches Space Shuttle based on car

David Off writes: "Last summer BBC Television decided to launch a space shuttle shaped motorcar, the Reliant Robin, into very very low earth orbit! Now this may not be the X-prize but it is a very very cool hack that harks back to era of MIT's Tech Model Railroad Club. Now a shuttle launch costs hundreds of millions of dollars. The Beeb built a very convincing shuttle from the Robin, a main fuel tank and two SRBs in an industrial unit in Manchester. There was very little money but all the tea the team could manage to dring. The rockets develop 8.5 tonnes of thrust and this was the most powerful private launch in Europe to date. The Robin had to be stripped from 750kg to 250kg and avionics fitted for the flight back to earth. All doesn't quite go to plan as you can see in the 20 minute film which was broadcast yesterday. It would be nice to know more about the tech behind the launch, the film is thin on details."

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