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Comment Re:not this again... (Score 1) 883

Dude I have never broken a record (haha). It's true you can scratch them with carelessness, but you have to be trying to break them.

And as for hugeness - I love the hugeness. Bring back 12" square packaging, even if you only put a CD in the box, at least you get some decent cover art to go with it :P

Data Storage

Digital Big Bang — 161 Exabytes In 2006 176

An anonymous reader tips us to an AP story on a recent study of how much data we are producing. IDC estimates that in 2006 we created, captured, and replicated 161 exabytes of digital information. The last time anyone tried to estimate global information volume, in 2003, researchers at UC Berkeley came up with 5 exabytes. (The current study tries to account for duplicating data — on the same assumptions as the 2003 study it would have come out at 40 exabytes.) By 2010, according to IDC, we will be producing far more data than we will have room to store, closing in on a zettabyte.

Submission + - Microsoft discounts Office for university students

An anonymous reader writes: Word. Excel. PowerPoint. Access. Publisher. Outlook. All applications that are bundled in Microsoft Office 2007 Ultimate, retailing for nearly $AU1200. But if you happen to be a university student in Australia, it can be yours for just $AU75. Is Microsoft running scared? Or is it a sign of the monopoly rent Microsoft has been able to get away with for years? You decide. The Melbourne Age has the details.

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