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Comment Re:original poster here (Score 1) 687

I'm not Mr Iwantyoutopay.
I am Mr Takeresponsiblityforyourdamnselfasshole.
The irresponsibility you and others like you exhibit costs merchants millions of dollars. Since you see no direct loss, you don't give a shit, and through negligent action may as well just hand your cards over to identity thieves and take a kickback from them.

Comment Re:life-long updates (Score 4, Insightful) 687

You've had to replace over 30 CARDS because they were compromised and yet have the balls to say it's paranoid to not give out your details to just anyone?
Fucking really? Are you insane?

I'm careful about who I trust with my card details and have never once had one of them compromised. I don't care how trivial you think it is to have to dispute the charges, then cancel & reissue the card. Most of us do not care to have such a blaise attitude about identity theft and fraud.
This fraud also costs the merchants and card companies real money--which you may not be on the hook for Mr Whogivesafuck, but we all end up paying eventually in price increases, fees, and higher interest rates.

Comment Re:Why would you buy from either one? (Score 2) 99

I bought two Lenovo laptops in the last six months or so (one for me and one for the woman) and I quite enjoy them. Not high-end models, just $400-450 range. The construction quality and finish seems nice, they weren't loaded down with bloatware... I have no complaints at all. The HPs and Toshibas in the same price range that the Office Depot drone was trying to push on me just didn't feel very solid. Cheap plasticy feeling. The sound system on mine (G series) is probably the best I've heard in a laptop.
I've had Dells for the last few years, provided by my company, and I really didn't have any complaints about the Latitudes either, although I'd prefer to work on the Lenovo now.

Comment Re:HTTP Policies (Score 2) 273

Bull. Shit.
Different hotels in the same town, next door to each other, have wildly different policies. Budget hotels offer free WiFi almost universally, along with other freebies in EVERY CITY. The more you pay for your room, the more likely it is you will be nickel and dimed for every little thing you use. It's been this way forever. It makes no damn sense to me either. I get free shit with my $80 room, but with the $200 room they tack on surcharges for wiping my ass with the window open.

Comment Re:Corporatist dystopia health care (Score 1) 455

Of course! Let the free market decide what we're allowed to eat! It's the democratic way. We'll never fall into that nazi-esque socialist trap where we get to eat what we want and the government provides free healthcare. That would be a terrible way to live. Terrible. I want my employer to monitor everything that goes into my mouth and pay me less if I eat too many Krispy Kremes Sunday morning. It's for my own good.

Comment Re:This is funny (Score 1) 282

I just installed both of these on a PC the other day... there's a rather obvious checkbox above where you hit "install" to prevent the toolbar or Chrome from being installed along with Reader or Flash.
Still an annoying opt-out that probably catches people who aren't paying attention (like yourself perhaps?), but hardly a forced, unpreventable install.

Comment Re:Uhmmm... presvered skin? (Score 4, Insightful) 99

The "skin" is still fossilized, but you can see the texture and possibly structure of it. It's not preserved in the way you're thinking. Although, they have found some biological matter preserved in the center of large bones before. T-rex bones, I believe.

A fossil like this is rare and worth a decent amount. Collectors will pay obscene amounts for it, amounts that a museum may not be able to match. So just be happy they loaned it to a museum at all, so at least we can glean some scientific knowledge from it.

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