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Submission + - Philosophies and programming languages (

evariste.galois writes: In Wikipedia, in every article for a programming language, there is a special section "Language Philosophy", in which the motivation and the basic principles of the language design are being analyzed. The author is investigating much further than that, the deeper connections between philosophies and programming languages, by considering most influential thinkers of all time (e.g. Plato, Descartes, Kant) and trying to figure out which programming language fits best with most aspects of their own philosophy (Did you know that Kant was the first Python programmer?). The list is not exhaustive, but this is a funny and educative start.

EVE Online Coming to Linux, Mac OS X 121

An anonymous reader writes " is reporting that CCP today announced a partnership with TransGaming to bring EVE Online to Linux and Mac platforms starting later this year. From the article: '"EVE Online has always ranked highly with our Linux users and there is significant demand for it among other platforms, including the rapidly growing Mac base," said Vikas Gupta, CEO of TransGaming Technologies. "As EVE takes place within a single-server persistent universe, it's vital that the game is identical in every way across different platforms. This challenge is what makes the partnership with CCP both important and rewarding."'
The Internet

Wikipedia On the Brink? Or Crying Wolf? 380

netbuzz writes "Might Wikipedia 'disappear' three or four months from now absent a major infusion of cash donations? The suggestion has been made by Florence Devouard, chairwoman of the Wikimedia Foundation. And while her spokesperson has since backpedaled off that dire prediction, there can be little doubt that the encyclopedia anyone can edit could use a few more benefactors to go along with all those editors."
The Almighty Buck

Submission + - Steve Jobs - Maybe Not So Innocent After All

An anonymous reader writes: Explain this Apple Fanboys! — "Steve Jobs, who headed Pixar for 15 years until last May — as well as running Apple for much of the time — in 2001 signed off on a particularly well-timed options grant for John Lasseter, director of hit films such as Toy Story and A Bug's Life, according to SEC filings.

By allegedly backdating the day on which Mr Lasseter was granted the option to buy 1 million Pixar shares by more than three months to December 6, 2000, their lowest point in the previous year, the potential pay-out was significantly increased, the filings show."

Maybe it's time for a more critical examination by Slashdot readers? ustry_sectors/media/article1361926.ece

Submission + - Major record producer blatantly ignores copyright

gloom writes: In a follow-up to one of the more exciting David VS Goliath-stories so far this year, american super-producer Timbaland now speaks out on a radio-show ("Elliot In The Morning") and to MTV regarding the allegations that he stole a song from finnish demoscene musician Janne Suni. It would be sort of funny if it wasn't so serious — I quote:

""It makes me laugh. The part I don't understand, the dude is trying to act like I went to his house and took it from his computer. I don't know him from a can of paint. I'm 15 years deep. That's how you attack a king? You attack moi? Come on, man. You got to come correct. You the laughing stock. People are like, 'You can't be serious.'"

Is this new version of the Chewbacca-defence going to hold up? Is it okay to steal music and pass it off as your own as long as you are already famous?

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