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Submission + - Apple Has Already Won, And the FBI Has Lost, Say Forensic Experts (

Tekla Perry writes: Rick Mislan, an expert in mobile device security who started the Mobile Device Forensics Conference, along with two colleagues take apart the Apple/FBI standoff, review a bit of cell phone forensics history, suggest that a third party forensics company has already been developing an iOS 9 encryption-breaker for law enforcement, and, in the end, think Apple should go ahead and unlock this phone--but push back hard if the requests become business as usual. They say the true fallout of this case is sympathy for Apple (the victim of government bullying), and a tougher road ahead for the FBI and law enforcement, as criminals turn to third party encryption tools.

Comment Re:Still have to pay RENT after you buy it (Score 1) 85

I have had many TiVo's for many years. (between family and friends) and there have been times where they will let you xfer a lifetime license to another device. Has happened on more than one TiVo. I know the plural of Anecdote is not data, but I have never had anything but excellent service from them.

Comment Re: This isn't a question (Score 1) 623

As someone who just had his husband in the hospital for a month. That shit does matter. (We also filed healthcare proxies just in case...) But let me tell you. I've done Domestic Partnership, Which was cute. I even thought about just going to a more legally recognizable LLC before we wed in 2013. ( would be better if we got hurt south of D.C. than a marriage cert) Wills and estates are fine. But without even a marriage certificate, my husband's ex wife would have entitlement to parts of our collected stuff. I always felt I shouldn't have to hire lawyers and pay for all these documents just because we both have a Y Chromosome. Granted we have to do the wills and estate stuff for the little we do have since I have a religious sometimes vindictive family should something happen to me I could see them trying to kick him our of our house and give my stuff to a church. The ability to make decisions for children are easier for married couples, simply based on adopted kids where the birth mother/parents are still around. That's how I read it. Thankfully I have my dog. Way better than children. While I agree that marriage isn't working, to have them give us something else that is not entirely equal would set off balances one way or the other. I never did intend to get married, we were together for almost 12 years when we did. Why? Work's insurance wouldn't cover a domestic partner in a state that allowed marriage. (I get their point, if we require straight people to be married to put them on insurance, why not make it equal) so I planned, invited, and had my wedding in 4 days.

Comment Re:This isn't a question (Score 1) 623

Perhaps There was a blurred line with the equation. I equate equal rights for all people, which I liken to civil rights of african americans. That is not a gross understatement. Are they they same? Of course not. Are they similar? I believe so. I don't believe it's Arrogance to point out similarities between the two. Are/Were the groups being discriminated against both in society and the legal system? No. They're not equal. But they sure are similar. There are still 32 states in the US where I can lose my job for who I have in my bedroom. Hell, Homosexuality wasn't entirely removed from the DSM until 1986! Oh and talk to me about the killings cause there's never been anyone killed in the US for being gay. There was that couple who got beat over the head with a chair in NYC just a couple weeks ago. So no. sorry. people have had their time to adjust, When I say No one should vote on it. I mean No one. It should just be. Don't want to support rights of someone else? don't be like them. Don't get married, or get married, do whatever you want. but my rights are RIGHTS and you don't get to vote on them. As for Ireland. I'm happy that equality passed. I wouldn't call it a "By any means necessary" but I'd say "whatever legally gets the law passed". Maybe the supreme court ruling isn't the best way to get it accomplished here. But if it sticks, even for a few years and then came to a popular vote federally I'd be fore that. As for letting the states decide? show me a state that doesn't honor EVERYONE ELSE'S driver's license and marriage certs. No, they all do. It doesn't need to be federally mandated for a universal marriage or drivers license. because that would be stupid. Well until we have people who aren't willing to say that some people are more equal than others, I'd want a federal law protecting my ass if I got in a car accident in Virginia.

Comment Re:What an asshole (Score 1) 305

I think you missed the point. I'm certain she's very happy with who she is. But when everyone else keeps telling you there's something wrong with you, and you have your rights and freedoms infringed upon because of it, sometimes some Facts that are proven scientifically allow OTHERS to accept her and make life a little less of a struggle. Brought to you by the second letter in her sig.
Operating Systems

Outlining Thin Linux 221

snydeq writes: Deep End's Paul Venezia follows up his call for splitting Linux distros in two by arguing that the new shape of the Linux server is thin, light, and fine-tuned to a single purpose. "Those of us who build and maintain large-scale Linux infrastructures would be happy to see a highly specific, highly stable mainstream distro that had no desktop package or dependency support whatsoever, so was not beholden to architectural changes made due to desktop package requirements. When you're rolling out a few hundred Linux VMs locally, in the cloud, or both, you won't manually log into them, much less need any type of graphical support. Frankly, you could lose the framebuffer too; it wouldn't matter unless you were running certain tests," Venezia writes. "It's only a matter of time before a Linux distribution that caters solely to these considerations becomes mainstream and is offered alongside more traditional distributions."

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