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Comment Re:Numbers (Score 1) 575

That's the thing I don't get. the location of all of this should have been the terminal. They never should have let ANYONE board the plane till they had those 4 seats covered. To hope the "last four" would give it up is silly. Once seated on the plane, it's a lot harder to get someone give up anything.

Comment LinkedIn Updates (Score 1) 106

This is great and all. but I'd just like their system to work. I am continuously getting email that "John Smith" is still awaiting my invitation. But when I log into the app or the web page, it says "No Invitations" perhaps they should straighten their DB out first, then make improvements.

Outside of that, the two big things they need to deal with are the "Message Streams" which put everything from colleague achievements, work anniversaries, birthdays, and endorsements all on a splash screen. I do not want 41 of my contacts saying "Happy Birthday" when I do not work for them and have only contacted them for professional assistance. Secondly, those endorsements are a joke. The "so-and-so has endorsed you for 'data center'." means absolutely nothing. and the person who endorsed me? Never worked with me professionally. so how would they know?

The app is good for networking professionals and keeping contacts with people I have worked with but don't want to "friend on facebook" because I just want to know if I can reach out to someone for electroplating questions or SQL bench-marking with my cluster and SAN. Not to wish them a happy birthday.

Comment Re:It didn't have an off switch before (Score 1) 369

I don't want to compare analogies back and forth. but your reasoning seems to be comparing bullets with tank artillery. where one is more powerful than the others. I'm taking a list of 100+ items and some of them skip it, some don't. I'm not weighting the values as more lethal than the others. Your second point is dead on topic. they are making it so consumers require professional working knowledge of computers and networks to keep any part of their data under their own control. I'm a mac user at home but a Windows user at work. and I can't stand having to jump around this minefield to make sure it's not sending everything out to MS and its partners every time I boot up.

Submission + - Apple Has Already Won, And the FBI Has Lost, Say Forensic Experts (ieee.org)

Tekla Perry writes: Rick Mislan, an expert in mobile device security who started the Mobile Device Forensics Conference, along with two colleagues take apart the Apple/FBI standoff, review a bit of cell phone forensics history, suggest that a third party forensics company has already been developing an iOS 9 encryption-breaker for law enforcement, and, in the end, think Apple should go ahead and unlock this phone--but push back hard if the requests become business as usual. They say the true fallout of this case is sympathy for Apple (the victim of government bullying), and a tougher road ahead for the FBI and law enforcement, as criminals turn to third party encryption tools.

Comment Re:Still have to pay RENT after you buy it (Score 1) 85

I have had many TiVo's for many years. (between family and friends) and there have been times where they will let you xfer a lifetime license to another device. Has happened on more than one TiVo. I know the plural of Anecdote is not data, but I have never had anything but excellent service from them.

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