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Comment Responsibility (Score 1) 37

Might as well check this box off on the "obvious points to cover" list:

* Without considering whether or not Valve is reasonably at fault, I'm going to go ahead and say that the man who filed the first suit indicated above wasn't winning. Gee whiz, Mom! I didn't know that actions have consequences, and that sometimes, you lose! Again, regardless of whether Valve should be on the hook or not, I doubt he'd have filed suit if he was a better bettor.
* For the second lawsuit, where the supposed victim is/was a minor, same question: Was he winning? I imagine that to be slightly less a factor, as his parent(s) might be aware that winning streaks can end in tears. However, WHERE WAS HE GETTING THE MONEY? How was he spending it online? Not so hard as it once was, but perhaps they figure that their perfect little angel would never have engaged in such mischief if hadn't corrupted hi pure, innocent heart.

Sometimes this stuff gets under my skin. I understand that demonstrating you've been harmed by another party is an important step to convincing the courts to intercede (and/or convince another party to make changes BEFORE it goes to court), but that doesn't mean it can't piss me off.

Submission + - SPAM: Advanced Manufacturing Technologies through Space Electronics

An anonymous reader writes: Space electronics has led to the development of advanced manufacturing technologies spanning across robotics, to remote operations and specialized materials. Innovative practices and technologies grasped from space learning have influenced several areas including creation, testing and manufacturing of new material creation
Link to Original Source

Submission + - U.S. Spy Agency Trialling Live Video Recognition Tech To Spot Terrorists

An anonymous reader writes: A new surveillance technology will allow for the immediate, automatic detection of suspicious behavior in live video feeds. The research project, led by the IARPA unit at the U.S. Office of National Intelligence, proposes a recognition system dubbed Deep Intermodal Video Analytics (DIVA), which is able to scour through multiple live video streams and pick out potential criminal and terror activities.

Describing the project, IARPA officials noted: ‘The DIVA program will produce a common framework and software prototype for activity detection, person/object detection and recognition across a multi-camera network. The impact will be the development of tools for forensic analysis, as well as real-time alerting for user-defined threat scenarios.’

Submission + - Cancer Is A Man-Made Disease Due To The Excesses Of Modern Life (

An anonymous reader writes: There are very few species on earth who would have created diseases which kill them. Human being is one of them. Scientists are of the opinion that cancer is purely man-made disease resulting from the excesses of modern life.

Comment Re:Relevant xkcd comic (Score 2) 637

AhX87P! is far more secure than "Little jack horner played in the corner eating his" will ever be, even if the second one is much longer.

I disagree with you on that point, AC.
In the almost worst case, "Little jack horner..." (where the attacker had a LOT of specific information about how you selected your password), figure something like 30k possibilities. Again, I'm talking about your roommate or family member; someone who knows you very well.
Truly, that's a poor contrast with the ~22 trillion possibilities of an 7-printable-characters-long password.
On the other hand, if we're just doing a dictionary attack based on a 2,000 word (assume that manages to include the word "horner") dictionary (Oxford estimates something around 170k English words that are in use) and the attacker "knows" that the phrase is 9 words long. Then, take the ROOT of the resultant possibilities (attacker has a method that is able to cull a shit-ton of unlikely word combinations, such that phrase can be considered as having only half as many words) while IGNORING capitalization and punctuation:
I still get 715 trillion possibilities. I could be completely wrong here, but that seems a lot better than a 7-character password.

Comment Re:Where do inmates get money for calls? (Score 4, Insightful) 197

decrease recidivism. In which case free phone service for prisoners would pay for itself

And where is the incentive for the prison industry to decrease recidivism? I don't refer to the people "in charge". Politically, there are points to be scored by underlining successful reformations; however, there are so many more points to be scored through PROFITS.

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