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Comment Wow (Score 2, Insightful) 347

Windows 10 update destroyed their data

I haven't seen a Windows upgrade (note: UPGRADE) destroy data in a meaningful way in.....I don't even know how long.

and damaged their computers

That's a neat trick, unless they mean their IDEA of their computer rather than the physical hardware. Windows is shitty, not malicious.

data loss or damage to software or hardware within 30 days of installation

Wait. So, are they claiming it was the forced upgrade that caused it, or.....?

her hard drive failed after Windows 10 installed

Sorry, unrelated. Though, if she could show otherwise, I would actually be shocked beyond belief.

she had to buy a new computer.

Yes, in the same way that I would have to buy a new car if my starter gave out.

I'm torn between hoping she succeeds (as I consider Microsoft a bad actor in the whole upgrade situation) and hoping she gets laughed out of court so hard she ends up with skid-marks that spell out "LOL".

Comment Lortab (Score 1) 181

I remember being prescribed Lortab as a pain reliever to use after having my wisdom teeth pulled. Best 2-3 days of my life, it felt like. I have some low-level constant pain for various reasons, and it was just...gone. I felt good; I felt normal. I woke up every hour that night just long enough to see if it was time for more pills. Felt great the whole night and the next day.

I wanted to keep going so much. I wanted to always feel....fine! I was prescribed soooo many more pills than I actually used. Within 72 hours, I'd weaned myself off the pills because I wanted to feel like that all the time. And this was just hydrocodone; not even Oxy!

I still remember those two days, pretty clearly. Still wish I could safely live like that.

Comment Attenuation (Score 2) 53

The biggest caveat is distance and indeed many such lab tests have measured the distance of their THz transmissions in centimetres, which is somewhat limiting. A few teams are now starting to talk in terms of metres, but right now anything up to 10 metres can be a real stretch to achieve

As usual, distance is a huge consideration in such announcements. Not that I'm not interested; heck, 10m (~33ft) would be sufficient for most of the cases where I would personally care about high-speed wireless...if/when they can sustain such throughput at that distance.

Comment Re:Not what he said. (Score 1) 594

one could argue that he Holocaust was essentially moral since it gave rise to the U.N. and governments reluctant to engage in global wars.

I don't believe that was a very well thought out comparison, though it's certainly inflammatory. Drinkypoo (imo) wasn't arguing that the ends justify the means; he was arguing that one's intentions are a significant part of the equation.

I sincerely doubt any of the aggressors involved in the Holocaust had any real expectation that it would somehow ultimately save more lives. Also, I happen to think that taking a life is only morally justifiable in the presence of a direct threat to your own life or the life of another (from the life you are taking).

Comment Not much of a stretch (Score 1) 102

I don't have much of a problem with this. Currently, if an application I download for Windows has prerequisites, they are often bundled with the installer. However, I may already have them installed; if so, wasted bandwidth. Triggering a request to a remote repository for additional necessary components doesn't seem terrible.

Of course, it's yet one more thing for Microsoft to ram down Windows users throats.

Also, what if some applications stop mentioning certain prerequisites, due to the operating system silently accommodating them? You know, the ones enabling additional....*a-HEM*...telemetry?

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