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Comment Re:Punishes users and good advertisers (Score 1) 707

I gave up on TV years ago, and when I travel or am exposed to it in public, I'm reminded why. I'm not missing anything and most other things are coming OTT or I can just download. I'm mostly happy with my relationship with purchasing a tv season and getting it the next morning commercial free. The buggy devices could use some refinement, but to avoid the 90dB noise fest, I can live with it.

Comment Re:STARTTLS broken, like UUCP maps (Score 1) 129

My comment re: UUCP is having to manually configure for each site I want to distribute mail to. I'm not worried about STARTTLS stripping, I want to avoid building a full list I have to maintain manually. This is mostly a postfix issue (for me) that it's not aggressive enough in using the STARTTLS offered by the far-side.

Comment STARTTLS broken, like UUCP maps (Score 1) 129

I had someone contact me about my server -> gmail as I host a number of mailing lists and other technical resources. After much research it seems the only way to fix it is to hard code that gmail and other locations are to be encrypted vs the default opportunistic encryption of "if they offer it, try it".

There are a lot of things that should be addressed here to ensure data is properly encrypted, this is easy and a solvable problem but at least for postfix I had to enter some custom maps which the software should have solved for itself with the 'may' setting. I'm past the UUCP days, I don't want to maintain a map of who can do things and who can't. We need to solve this software not doing the right thing problem first.

Comment Re:It's the population, duh! (Score 2) 63

I have to say it's this. 50% of the US population lives in the Eastern time zone. That means if you only have things on the east coast, you are most likely to cover everyone. Ask someone in a central state what their latency and network paths are, you end up going to Seattle, Chicago, Dallas, LA and sometimes the bay area to change networks. Not a lot of interconnection happens in the mountain states, and even markets like Phoenix while large don't quite have enough density to make sense.

Submission + - NTP protocol vulnerabilities allow clock shifting (

jaredmauch writes: While recently the interest in the NTP protocol was the use for Denial of Service attacks, a team at Boston University has released 4 different attacks that permit shifting of clocks, or will make your NTP client no longer listen to accurate time from trusted servers.

Comment Re:Like a grownup (Score 1) 657

I was perhaps trying to be more subtle. This should have been a non-event. The problem here is clearly that people without a clue about technology went and abused this kid who is still learning. Did you take a moment to read the letter the school district sent out? They basically said that nobody else should bring something like this in and if they do to "tell an adult" vs ask some questions and have it be a non-event. Instead they paraded the kid out like he was a criminal. That's surely not private where the teacher saying "hey this is cool, can you show me after class" might be much better.

Thanks for misconstruing my comment though, I see it got you +5. I'll go back to cowboyneal jokes vs trying to engage in dialogue.

Comment Like a grownup (Score 1) 657

This is "tell a grownup" territory vs the schools helping teach teenagers (which need guidance, just like some of us adults need from time to time) on what is appropriate or not. This will obviously be a trigger story for people in the tech community that feel sensitive to this issue or raw because of bullying they received and why some of us have trouble trusting school judgement as grown men and women.

I just wish they handled this privately with the parents without dragging the liason officer into the mix, the local police, etc.. Judgement call made wrong way clearly.

And really. If the threat was actually real, or realistically perceived that way, we should have heard of the evacuation on the news yesterday.

Comment Re:The answer has been clear (Score 1) 390

I see consistently faster times with my IPv6 vs IPv4 with my native service at home, even with just pings. This seems to be the norm with most networks. If you are using a tunnel broker, such as or otherwise you are most likely going a longer path with those artificial midpoints. Also, your browser may be broken as it doesn't implement rfc6555 properly.

Comment Re:Waiting for the killer app ... (Score 4, Informative) 390

Perhaps you missed world IPv6 day when they both jumped at the same time to enable their front pages? There are a lot of things that don't work right in an IPv6 only world, such as Skype but the list of things that doesn't work is getting shorter. If you take a look at the statistics it's quite encouraging to see a steady growth curve.

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