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Comment Re:TFS is confusing. (Score 2) 184

Comment Wanted: New Media/Customer Relations Dept (Score 2) 184

Sony really needs to get better at communicating with their users and the press about these issues. Leaving everyone in the dark just fuels speculation and makes for infuriated consumers. Just give us a high-level explanation of what is happening and a reasonable estimate of how long it will take to fix, please, and stop jerking us around.

Comment Re:If crash then (crushed AND electrocuted) (Score 1) 392

Tesla roadsters are built to handle crashes on the same road as your car, and aren't nearly as tissue-like as you seem to imagine.

Tesla was rear-ended by a Prius, and the impact pushed it under the rear of a SUV. has more:

Yeah, that's a VW Touareg ass-end up in the air. Tesla driver walked away, his only complaint was the headrest/roof hurt the top of his head. With a multi-ton SUV on it, I'm not surprised...

Comment Re:Reality on line 1 (Score 1) 1117

Mac OS X will let you create a new admin account via the setup wizard via a few short commands entered in single-user mode at startup.
Whatever control you have over these machines would be temporary, at best. For the kids who *don't* set up their own accounts with admin rights, trying to control what they do with these computers remotely while they still have physical access to the machine is an exercise in futility.

Microsoft Documentation Declared Unfit For US Consumption 243

anomalous cohort writes "Washington DC judge Colleen Kollar-Kotelly announced during the ongoing Microsoft antitrust hearings that their documentation is unfit for US consumption. This is relevant in an antitrust hearing as poor documentation on how to inter-operate with Microsoft's products is seen as an unfair barrier to entry for companies who compete with Microsoft. Others see this as yet another example of their crumbling hegemony or indolence as their empire burns."

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