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Comment Re:Entropy. Your only friend. (Score 1) 457

Deaths per 1000 is not a good proxy for life expectancy. If you look at Japan, which has the highest life expectancy, deaths per 1000 is even higher.

If the population in a region increases over several decades because of a high birth rate, deaths per 1000 will be lower even when the life expectancy is 60 years or less. If you have many young people and not many old ones, deaths per 1000 are very low.

Comment Re: You know what? (Score 1) 573

Completely different from what you say, the predictions for the second decade of the 2000s (where we are right now) are closely matched by the predictions in the first climate report to the IPCC of 1990. The following reports moved the error bars a little down, maybe because of political pressure to not paint the future too black, but in fact, the first report was right.

Comment Re: You know what? (Score 2) 573

Because most of our crops don't grow in tropic weather. Because the trade winds will cause an inversion between the Tropics and halfway to the equator, independent of the global temperature, meaning that there will be deserts north and south of the equator anyway. Because rising sea levels mean lost agreable land, which not necessarily gets replaced by the same amount of newly agreable land in the North (In the South, there is just ocean and no new land to be gained by moving climate zones closer to the Southpole). Because the amount of food we grow is a limiting factor to mankind. In fact, the total amount of land used to grow crops is slightly shrinking in most regions of the world, be it due to urban sprawl or re-forestation.

Comment Re:FTFY (Score 4, Informative) 785

Oh. I found the reason:

The great Hunza secret to old age turned out to be its absence of birth records. The illiterate elders didn't know how old they were, and they tended to overestimate their ages by a decade or two, as I discovered by comparing their recollections with known historical events.

Read yourself: The Optimists Are Right.

Comment Re:FTFY (Score 2) 785

Also, the cure for cancer is at least in part based on the Hunza mountain people who live an average of 120 plus years and do not get cancer.

The longest ever documented lifespan of a human being was that of Jeanne Calment, who died in 1997 being 122 years old. She was no Hunza, but a french woman from Arles. Most other persons being named as the oldest person currently living die between 114 and 117 years old.

I thus seriously doubt any information about people getting older than 120 years on average. You need a very strong proof for that claim.

Comment Re:Michael Flynn Jr believes it (Score 4, Insightful) 785

I never understood that. Whatever else Donald Trump may be, he definitely is establishment. You can't have any large real estate business without being in constant contact with local politicians. His whole economic message during the election was that he has the connections necessary to make Things[tm] work. So he is the establishment guy and insider, that will put an end to all those establishment guys and insiders, right?

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