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Comment Re:What exactly is the law/rule? (Score 2) 323

They are accused of this:
-Selling millions of cars that are not certified. VW does have some certificates, but they are valid only for (non-existing) cars without the defeat devices. Devices that work like this have to be declared. There are acceptable uses for example when handling emergencies or when starting the car, but cheating on emissions testing would presumably not have been an acceptable use. So VW didn't mention them in the application and thus the certficiates they do own are not valid for the cars they sold.
-Having installed defeat devices, which is illegal.

Comment In a parallell world without XKCD 936 (Score 1) 549

”What is there to prevent “letmeinfacebook” from being the new most common four word password for Facebook accounts”

Chance. XKCD 936 says to choose the words at random.

Diogomonica is wrong. And so was Bruce Schneier, and for the same reason – he missed that the words are to be chosen at random.


This means for example picking a up a few books and selecting pages and words at random. I picked a poetry book and used only words starting with an "o". Not optimal, but nice.

Password managers are better, definitely. So sure, mention the password manager first. But nine out of ten of your readers will not install them. What will you tell them? Nothing?

Comment Links to sources and some comments from author (Score 1) 129

Thanks for linking to us! I think that's a first!

Credit goes to Armdevices for finding the story: http://armdevices.net/2014/01/...

Chipsip also of course publishes its own press releases: http://www.chipsip.com/news/in...

This is Chipsips own comparison between their design and Google Glass (pdf) http://www.chipsip.com/archive...

To some commenters:
- This is not a product. This is a reference design which other companies will build smart glasses from. Some of the dozen or so manufacturers of prisma smart glasses out there, besides Google, might well have used this design.
- The specs top Googles Glass, but the manufacturer can of course choose to not utilize them fully, to make for example price more reasonable. Look upon this specification as the limit of what you can to today in this form factor – maybe carrying an external battery in your breast pocket?
- Google put a lot of effort in the software ("OK glass!", et cetera). Chipsip has a much simpler idea in the link above – to use the smart glasses basically as an extra screen to a standard Android smartphone.

- Jan Tångring, reporter, Elektroniktidningen (etn.se).

Comment What about the Sony Vaio Z? (Score 1) 69

What about the Sony Vaio Z docking station Power Media Dock? It was advertised June 28 to be using ”an optical cable” and ‘Light Peak’.


It is available now, at $499.99,



Submission + - Volume 4A of Knuth's TAOCP Finally In Print (informit.com) 1

jantangring writes: "It's been 28 years since Volume 3 of Donald Knuth's The Art of Computer Programming was published. The book series is a classic work of computer science in spite of the fact that still more than half of the seven volume series is still to be finalized. In 1992 Donald Knuth retired to medieval monkness in order to finish his work. After many long years in draft volume 4A now in print and you can get it in a boxed set if you don't mind admitting that you don't already own the first thee volumes. They won't be checking if you read it."

Comment Re:Oh no, not D-Wave. (Score 1) 106

No, I don't agree.

When I read your first comment, I re-read it twice to make sure I understood you correctly. Then I copied it to some fellow scam spotters.

In your mailing you set something of an inofficial world record in self delusion -- you are fully aware D-Wave is full of lies. But you manage to twist it into being part of a strategy that actually proves they are for real.

Wishful thinking is the con man's greatest accomplice.

You say don't know if it is a scam. I can tell you right now that you never will. The Google-D-Wave thing will go quiet and die, and you will always be wondering if perhaps they were cut off on the verge of a great discovery.

Comment Re:Oh no, not D-Wave. (Score 1) 106

Big Companies have been scammed. According to my experience big companies are a primary target for scammers, because sucess gives the scammer credit. And you will always find someone making your kind of comment, that it can't be a scam because big company C could not be fooled. This means that the scammer is motivated to invest hevily in the scam of a big company.
By going public on its involvement in Google, D-Wave has now secured it will be able to find a new victim after Google. D-Wave will never deliver to Google. But D-Wave will use its involvement with Google as a merit when catching its next victim.

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