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Comment Re:Unlikely (Score 1) 186

"except the possibility that he may one day "come back" and have several hundred thousand Bitcoin to himself. " According to the comment in the first block should prove, that there are no previous blocks, and all block created afterwards, should be known. So there should be no surprises.

Comment should we offer him asylum? (Score 1) 506

This is (should be) a BIG dilemma... For any "normal" country... He's a brave guy, a probably could lead a better life elsewhere... BUT, if there ever should be a chance to change Saudi Arabia to a more liberal country, it'd better be changed from inside... (Probably can only happen many years after they run out of oil :-( )

Comment all going well - as planned (Score 1) 182

As announced already last january on Slashdot,
" 'The project is really advanced and we hope to start the deployment the next spring, finishing it in December.' "

Now, is the time of "next spring", so they started :-)

Comment Re:No Git also failed (Score 2) 192

Did you read the whole article?
Even the part about "git fsck"?
I just assume, that it was a design choice of Linus, NOT to run fsck each time, when performing let's say, mirror.
Anyway, you can adjust just your sync scripts to include the fsck and carry on.
(or better yet, run git fsck after each filesystem fsck???)

Comment Bye, Bye Nokia :-( (Score 1) 505

Microsoft - Wrong Choice...
Actually, their problem was, that even though they had N770 and N810, they started working on Linux phone (N900) too late...

Being in Redmond, I would start worrying about the future...
Maybe, Office and Xbox have future, but Windows might be shaking - lot's of people are happy with Android, iOS, maybe there is something behind the corner, that will make it much less interesting for the people (Linux+Wine+ "some very well marketed GUI" :-)

Comment explaining the concept of distros to your grandma (Score 5, Interesting) 214

You know, grandma, Linux distro's are restaurants, where you can eat, but they also share their recipes in cookbooks(if you want): everybody has a bit different choice of the recipes they like, not all of them can be used with all kind of stoves ("Debian" can use most kinds of "stoves": i586, arm, ...) and but all in all, the food served and the contents of those books is quite similar - as there are only so many recipes in the world. In some of those restaurants you have to cook the food (or better said make it warm) yourself - e.g. at Gentoo's :-) But he community there is lovely, and their help you. The cooks that put together those recipes may not be the best in the world (not all of them are chefs in a restaurant with 5 Michelin stars), but unlike those chefs, they believe in sharing the recipes.(and this really seems to be the best way, as in such a way the cheap, quite good quality food can get to the masses - see e.g. the current rise of the fastfood chain called Android.) And many of these cooks, give you even the meal for free, or cheaply. The joy/price ratio is high, though maybe not for everybody. (there are e.g. "snobs" who still prefer those "Michelin" restaurants. In last years, the one offering apple-only diet, is quite popular, providing visually very nicely served, but quite expensive meals or there is still that, almost monopoly(with huged Windows), where they serve those very little pieces of food ("micro"), softly boiled :-)

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