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Comment Euler was the man for all symbols! (Score 2) 133

Euler was the boss, and pretty much invented and standardized the way we write algebra symbols. As Dr. Julius Sumner Miller used to say, he is deserving of your further study!

Also, 3.14 is so undeserving to connect with pi, it might as well just be three. What is still amazing is 355/113, the most accurate fraction for pi with a denominator less than 10,000 or so. (I could be off a little, look it up.)

Comment Gelatin, e.g. (Score 1) 315

I'm late to this discussion, has the correct of pronunciation of GIF been agreed on yet? The soft g is clearly correct. I will never use the hard 'g' version, and, never use either version as a verb. That's just dumb.

Comment Re:Not Much You Can Do About That (Score 0) 197

Nope, whether you enjoy the night or whatever, our species is simply not nocturnal. That's simply a matter of choice. No one is a "morning person" or a "night person," we're all genetically conditioned to sleep at night and move around during the day. That said, I also love the wee hours of the morning, but get up well before sunrise because early morning is the greatest, too. Then I eat a huge meal around noon and sleep for a few hours, because I'm a carnivore by default.

Comment Re:More than once (Score 4, Interesting) 143

Well, opinions differ. I watched that last transit on a cheapo telescope with a sun filter and would rank it very high as an astronomical experience. The perfect circle of venus moving across the sun, the speed of movement, just knowing what you were looking at was happening RIGHT NOW, blew me away. But I paid nothing, it was visible where I live. I wouldn't travel halfway across the world for a total eclipse, probably wouldn't do so to see another transit of venus, either. So, it's pretty cool, if you can watch it from your backyard.

Comment Re:Computer won't start (Score 1) 256

Of course, as far as she's concerned, having to hit more than one button to turn on her computer is just strange and a little silly. She might very reasonably think, "That's stupid, is there some OTHER time you'd want the computer on, but the monitor off? Or the monitor on but not the computer?" This would be (to her) like having to turn your television on, and then make sure you turned on the screen. And, remembered to turn on the speakers, too.

There's nothing unreasonable about her reaction, in fact, having all these separate power buttons is the real loser idea. Most of us here just take it for granted when it is really pretty stupid.

Submission + - Android fragmentation rears its ugly head once again ( 2

zacharye writes: Google updated its Android version tracker on Monday, revealing that the latest version of its mobile operating system — Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich — has more than doubled its installed base over the past month. Unfortunately, that only carries Google’s current Android build to a 2.9% share of all devices. Combined with Honeycomb, this means that as of March 2nd, just 6.2% of Android devices are now running a modern version of Android. Meanwhile, the bulk of Android devices run the 15-month-old Gingerbread operating system (63.7%) and the second most popular version of the platform is the 23-month-old Froyo OS (23.1%). First unveiled in October 2009 and currently at 6%, Android 2.1 Eclair is still found on nearly as many devices as Honeycomb and Ice Cream Sandwich combined...

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