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Comment This isn't new (Score 1) 102

For a while lots of telemarketing scams were located in Texas. Multiple people around the U.S. had tried to sue them for fraud, but the Attorney General of the victim's state would say they had no jurisdiction, and the Texas AG would say that his mandate was to defend citizens of Texas.

So as long as you made the call from Texas into another state, no one would take the case.

Note that yes, there were clearly interstate commerce laws being broken, but no one would prosecute.

Comment Re:It's scary to know the gov't is so dumb (Score 1) 67

This is piercing the corporate veil. If the precedent stands, look for lawsuits targeting corporate officers individually for the actions of the corporation.

Note that I don't think that's necessarily a bad idea, but probably not what they intend with this.

Comment Re:Parachute, please (Score 1) 85

Ever heard of containerization []?

Standardized cars will go over with the market about as well as standardized housing has.

I didn't say standardized cars, I said standardized transportation. Do you hold out for a specific model of Uber? Or taxi? Or bus?

If I want a car, I want a particular car. If I want to get from point A to point B I mostly care what it costs and how long it will take.

Transportation is to driving as shipping is to luxury cruise.

Comment Re:Parachute, please (Score 1) 85

2) Requires everyone standardize their cars to a particular drone. Not going to happen.

3) Requires everyone standardize their cars to a particular chassis, and more to the point bans monocoque. Not going to happen.

4) Requires everyone to use other peoples' chassis. Regardless of their condition. Without even knowing what condition they're going to be in.

Ever heard of containerization? Kind of swept through the shipping industry and completely changed truck, train and ship industries. No reason it couldn't happen to transportation.

Comment Re:How small is "small" (Score 1) 642

Also, you can't just "drop" a rock out of orbit. You have to slow it down to suborbital velocities before it will fall to Earth. If you are talking about a cube of iron 24 feet on a side that is going to require a titanic amount of Delta-V.

I mean rockets are basically giant bombs already, if you're worried about people misbehaving with them then it's already too late.

Comment Radio is dead (Score 4, Informative) 203

Radio died January 3, 1996 with the passage of the Telecommunication Act of 1996. It basically allowed big corporations to buy up all of the smaller independent stations in a region and homogenize the content to the same bland mush that advertisers like and which generates the fewest angry letters to the station. Luckily we have the internet now so broadcast radio can go quietly into the night.

Comment Re:Stupid question (Score 1) 198

The article goes into some discussion about the limitations of the methodology involved, but a huge negative net worth isn't impossible. You could easily have a guy who used to have some money but then made some catastrophic bets on the stock or housing market and is now seriously under water. Or a family member may have gotten really sick and now he has typical medical debts to deal with.

Comment Difficult material remains difficult (Score 5, Informative) 278

As I recall the biggest problem they had in making the stuff in the first place was constantly shattering the diamonds when they tried to shine light through them. Also, the breathless talk of this revolutionizing every industry under the sun is tremendously overblown. Right now these are laboratory curiosities, they may very well amount to nothing.

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