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Comment What should he do instead? (Score 1) 64

If you accept the premise that there's a problem* then isn't this exactly the right thing to do?

He's saying there's a problem, and asking the people in the best position to do something about it to figure out a way. And don't pretend there's nothing they can do; Google image search is pretty damn good at identifying image content.

* If you want to deny the premise this doesn't apply, so go reply to someone else.

Comment Re: Bad Headline (Score 4, Interesting) 541

You make it sound like this was an official statement of policy from Microsoft's Board of Directors, with BG himself consulted to help craft the appropriate response.

It was an official response to a media inquiry. Nobody at Microsoft PR would do that without making sure it was the company's position.

Why are you so determined to give them cover for this?

Comment Re:Recreational drug use versus harm to others (Score 1) 559

Problem is that people that abuse drugs are rarely able to avoid hurting others.

OK, three things.

First, there's a difference between using drugs and abusing drugs.

Second, this article isn't about "drugs" it's about marijuana. So what meth users do has no bearing on what marijuana users do.

Third, how do you define "rarely"? If drug abusers "are rarely able to avoid hurting others" does that mean that for every incident of drug use there's a >50% chance that the user will hurt someone else? How about >50% for each year that they use "frequently"? Or do you mean >50% of all users will hurt someone at some time in their life? I can't think of how you'd define "rarely able" that isn't complete bullshit.

That's a lot of wrong to fit into just 14 words.

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