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Comment Re:Big names are big targets (Score 2) 116

NO *corporate* entity has EVER had ANY success WHATSOEVER in bringing down any service or p2p sharing that is run well and entirely within those networks. They are completely immune to DMCA, criminal or civil attacks.

No offense, but you are smoking crack. Onion sites get brought down all of the time. The Freedomhosting raid killed like 3/4 of the links on the Hidden Wiki. There are probably more FBI honeypots on TOR than there are "legitimate" kiddie porn sites, and they've had a pretty good run unmasking the users. Even the Silk Road got taken down and the owner thrown in jail. Keeping your site completely anonymous is incredibly difficult, almost as difficult as keeping it running at all on TOR it seems.

Comment Big names are big targets (Score 5, Insightful) 116

This shouldn't really be a surprise. Once you're big enough you have a giant target painted on your back both from the rightsholders and from people with an axe to grind. In the past there was always a steady churn of sites, and I fully expect that to keep happening as the well known sites are attacked and brought down and the vacuum appears again for startups to fill until they themselves get too big.

Comment Re:I've become way too paranoid (Score 1) 274

Frankly if a badguy has gone to the trouble to snail mail you they could have gotten your SSN way easier and faster with a bit of detective work. The fact that the site asked for you SSN so it can do credit monitoring makes sense too. I'd rate the chance that it was a phishing operation pretty low. If the site started asking you for your gmail passwords or bank logins that would be a red flag, but just the SSN isn't outside of what you would expect.

And if you were feeling extra paranoid you could call your bank and ask if they contracted out with that company for their 1 year of mostly useless credit monitoring. There probably isn't much your bank can do about a recording system on a number they don't own that doesn't even attempt to mimic their system. All phone numbers are just a few digits off from many other phone numbers. What are they going to do, buy up huge swaths of numbers just in case someone does something that almost never happens in real life? It's not even that great of an attack anymore since most people have cell phones that can hold millions of addresses and don't need to manually type numbers for common services anymore.

Comment Re:k.i.s.s. (Score 1) 143

It seems like a design flaw to me since it happened on both shafts. That said, the whole point of a shakedown cruise is to find problems like this so they can be fixed before the ship it put into service. The headline could have read "Shakedown cruise finds problems, Navy promises to fix them."

Comment Re: Mainstream media DOES invent news (Score 1) 531

The whole Alt-Right thing is a big misdirection. While they do exist and they did vote Trump, the group is made of people who were voting for Trump regardless. Their direct impact on the elections has been overstated.

What turned the election was the Democrats running an out of touch insider and taking the working class vote for granted even though Hillary made no secret of being in the pocket of the 1%. At least Trump listened to them enough to tell them what they wanted to hear.

Comment Re:First or second part? (Score 2) 227

Somehow I don't think the telekinetic sex cult chapters are going to translate well to TV. I also thought it was amusing that the writeup called the novel timeless when my thought while reading it was that it was a product of its era, the 1960s. At least for the second half of the book. The first half should be no trouble to translate to TV, but I really do wonder where they are going to end it.

Comment Re:$15-$18 million of real money or FIFA money? (Score 1) 149

I really don't see the distinction there. Are you saying if the bots had to actually simulate the inputs and play a perfect game against one another for the purposes of farming coins it wouldn't be fraud? I'm still not sure I accept that it is fraud in any case. If this is fraud how is it not fraud when someone steals from the bank in Monopoly? Little brothers everywhere would be in so much trouble.

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