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Comment Re:Manuals! (Score 1) 467

You missed the point:

To go on with UEFI development, you will need two development packages: EFI Development Kit (EDK) and EFI Toolkit.

In the old ROM BASIC days all you had to do was turn the machine on without the floppy disk in the drive. The fallback on a boot failure was a BASIC interpreter.

Comment Re:Manuals! (Score 1) 467

Absolutely this. Manuals that included a section on programming the computer are a gateway drug. Of course I also miss computers that came with a programming environment, even if it was as simple as ROM BASIC. The C64 manual even came with sections on how to program the sprite generator and sound chip, even though the built-in BASIC didn't include a sensible extension for doing so.

It's kind of a shame that today's UEFI BIOSes are many megabytes and still they can't find any room for a tiny BASIC interpreter anywhere in there.

Comment Only took a few years to discover the obvious (Score 1) 240

The day the Mac Pro was announced haters all over the internet were complaining that the thermals were too tight and that it would be too hard to upgrade the components and that Apple being Apple would never offer an upgrade for the video card or processor. They were proven right on all counts. Hopefully Apple listens to the users this time and puts out something that can live comfortably under the desk and has headroom to grow. Also, using commodity parts so people can do their own upgrades since Apple is so bad at upgrading their own machines.

Comment Re:Who are these guys? (Score 4, Informative) 194

Update: I found the closest thing to a mission statement I could find buried in a wall of text on page 17 of their 2013 tax return.

Although the Phoenix Center does not meet the safe harbor test for public support (33-1/3%) in 2013, it believes that the following facts and circumstances support the organization's continuance as a public charity. The Phoenix Center has grown and developed since its inception to become a voice for consumer welfare by promoting free markets, competition, and individual freedom and liberty.

In other words, its exacta what everyone thinks. This is yet another one of those corporate mouthpiece "think tanks" that release studies to push a corporate agenda.

Comment Who are these guys? (Score 3, Informative) 194

I have never heard of the Phoenix Center for Advanced Legal & Economic Policy Studies so I went to the their website. Unfortunately I can't find anything talking about their funding sources. However, they do have a prominent endorsement on their homepage from Ajit Pai, which is a substantial red flag.

Propublica sadly only has their funding lumped together as "contributions", which doesn't help.

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