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Comment Re:Hooray! (Score 2) 414

Maybe an impedance mismatch at the end(s) of the cable caused the biggest part of the signal to reflect back and forth a couple of times, over the entire length of the cable?

60ns delay is 18m of cable.
Or 6m of cable in which the signal bounces back and forth once.

ADC <----- GPS
ADC -----> GPS
ADC <----- GPS

Comment Re:Yeah but... (Score 3, Insightful) 59

The purpose is to surround the metals with a small layer of plasma. This plasma is what kills the cancer cells.

This plasma will only occur where
a) there is gold/platinum
b) where they focus the X-rays. Focusing the X-rays is done just like your gamma knife: multiple beams from different directions, converging on the tumor.
Since liver and kidneys are not radiated, you get no plasma there...

So it's more precise than only using converging beams of X-rays.

Comment Re:Horribly Summary (Score 2) 141

It's about companies that offer micropayment.

There was a list of companies that offered this service, and Hi-Media removed their competitor from that list. The competitor (Rentabiliweb) noticed this, and found out that the IP address of the edit belonged to a computer at Hi-Media, which the judge saw as proof that Hi-Media sanctioned it.

Rentabiliweb claimed 150 000 in damages, but only got 25 000, because "people don't usually visit Wikipedia to find companies that offer services"

Comment Re:Hehe... (Score 1) 129

Dude, you still have plenty of governments left. European, Flemish, Walloon, French community, Brussels Region, German speaking. You still have, like, 85% of your governments left + an-old-but-still-kinda-in-charge government. And a king. And 2 queens.

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