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Comment Re:I'm underwhelmed (Score 3, Insightful) 109

OS9 Vista Rebecca Black Countless other bits of more instantly forgotten crap. Don't kid yourself, without a core the shell is just a shell. I mean if this guy had made a pretty GUI in Flash you'd of been here posting "this is awesome!"? No, you wouldn't, you'd see it for the substance-less crap it is. You've forgotten the massive amount of work that it's taken for your fancy visuals to come about, DECADES of work on ugly software. And you guys don't half ask for the earth. Where would we be if when Linus had posted the Linux kernel everyone just went "This sucks. Why is there no GUI?".

Comment Re:I'm underwhelmed (Score 5, Interesting) 109

Fuck fancy visuals.

The idea in Inferno is that your phone, your desktop, the cloud and your mate's computer are all the same file system space. You can copy data between all these devices, seamlessly, securely and quickly. "Data" is anything represented as a file, so that's music and documents, your phone's cpu, speaker and microphone, or even the applications your currently running on your desktop.

Plan9 and Inferno are about addressing networking and adding operating system support for it. The developers don't consider modern OS as networked. This is a project to make every computer attached to the network, as far as the user is concerned, the same computer, and the idea is to do it at the OS level, not the browser.

You want the yet to be programmed Inferno equivalent of Office on your phone? It's there. Not just as an installable application but that instance you have running on your desktop right now is also available to you on your phone via an exported file system either to stream over the network or you could just copy the running instance...

Fuck fancy visuals.

Comment Re:Dial-up and low-color (Score 1) 413

>>Your 100 MHz PC was also handling indexed-color pixels with no alpha blending

While that is true a 30Mhz ARM chip in an old Acorn runs a 1280x1024 screen and does full 32bit colour with alpha blending and anti aliased text. Also Quake.

I'd of used the 16Mhz one as an example, but that was actually a bit sluggish...

Comment While I'm not Apple's key market... (Score 1) 1634

I really find the iPad crap. It's more than the cost of other tablets that give you full hackable desktop OS but most importantly it's got NO USB host! Even phones have USB host now! (Nokia N900 off the top of my head)

With USB host you can make your portable device do pretty much anything: want more storage? Add a pen drive, hell with a battery powered USB charger the N900 can run a laptop disk! Want a decent keyboard? Just plug in your desktop keyboard!

And I would of thought "Apple customers" would of wanted USB. Take photos with your fancy digital SLR camera, plug that into your tablet and upload them strait to your employer/local paper/flickr stream. The N900 can do that...

Comment Computers are crap for writing. (Score 1) 227

I've started indulging in a life long fantasy of writing and in my writing I've found it almost impossible to write on a (standard) computer. They have FAR too many distractions, even the option of being able to change you font size for me is a distraction ("oh, would it be easier to read on this screen in size 11, no, size 10 it is..."). To have something that you just sit at and fire your thoughts onto, complete with spelling mistakes, missing punctuation and shit sentences and paragraphs, is really liberating. It's what I was wanting to do all along, I didn't want to check spelling, I wanted to tell a story.

When writing I now use a Tandy WP-2 word processor, or "Electronic typewriter" as it's 1989 marketing called it. It cost me £12 (US£20). It's got a daylight reflective 8 by 80 character screen, runs for more than 24 hours on 4xAA batteries and stores around 70 pages with the 128Kb memory upgrade I got it. With it's 5Mhz Z80 processor all you can do with it is type. It works brilliantly, it's so slow that it actually cant insert text at the rate I can type. It drives me to write more and then only when the creative part is done, so it never interrupts, comes the boring part of the editing and spell checking on a full computer.

Before I remembered about the existence of devices like the WP-2 I was quite tempted by the idea of a type writer, with a scanner and OCR software it's not even hard to upload your work to a computer for editing. However on portability alone the A4 sized WP-2 wins, but just encase, I do own an Olivetti as well...

Comment Anti-aliasing only 20 years late! (Score 1) 477

Microsoft claims the hardware acceleration will enhance the appearance and readability of fonts on the web, with sub-pixel positioning that eradicates the jagged edges on large typefaces.

So TWENTY years after Acorn added anti-aliasing that ran extremely quickly on a 16Mhz RISC computer Microsoft realise that they can do it too, only they require a Direct-X compatible graphics card...

Yay for innovation...

Comment Re:Looks like a nice device (Score 1) 175

Resolution was great...good enough to inspect x-rays and MRIs in detail.

Rubbish. I've worked in veterinary imaging and the common screen we installed for viewing X-Rays was a 22" wide screen that had a resolution in the region of 2500x1500 and was black and white. Speaking to a vet using it she said this was "ok" but having to zoom in and out was annoying. Last time I spoke to that company to save money (for the customer) they were starting using 23 and 30 inch Apple displays but the contrast and DPI "are a bit crap". So ether you don't know what your talking about or your hospital is a death trap.

Comment Re:For Earthbound, mebbe... (Score 1) 231

You're going to need to burn fuel for the generators, heating, transport, etc.

I'd suggest using an unmanned station powered by a thermoelectric generator, there in use in the Antarctic circle for lighthouses already and are extremely reliable. Even if the station was manned thermoelectric generators would still be a good way to go, although they don't make *that* much energy they make plenty of excess heat to keep scientists alive.

Comment Re:Err, so just like the Pre? (Score 1) 621

As much as I would like to see that happen; history shows that whoever is best at marketing, wins.

Generally yes.

But among my geek friends we're pretty interested in the G1, if only because it's a phone that might actually let us do what we want. And this, well I want this now, I mean even with my current phone I can't backup texts or phone numbers without a Windows system and some Nokia applications. This thing looks like I could write a cron job to back up everything to my server over SSH nightly. I want, I'm going to tell my friends, and that's pretty good advertising... ;-)

Comment Re:A few points perhaps need making (Score 1) 554

The definition is not "up to the authorities".

Local authorities in the UK defined 955,000 as potential terrorists and searched them under the stop and search laws in 06/07. As far as I see it it's the officers and officials that enforce those laws who decide the definition. I mean if they don't arrest/search someone then they've defined them as NOT a potential terrorist and if they search them under stop and search then they've HAVE defined them as a potential terrorist.

When 169 of those stop and searches were investigated 88% were found to be unfounded and when the definition of a terrorist/suspected individual in law so all encompassing I find it quite incredible that only 12% were founded. You know it almost sounds like they maybe getting creative with their interpretation of the definition...

I got my stats from here:

Comment Re:2 Things: (Score 1) 301

Actually you'd be surprised. It's an excuse/problem I've heard from a couple of "noobs", their so scared of downloading things, after all the warnings and viruses they've gotten with windows that they really dont feel confident downloading an ISO and burning it on CD.

One friend of mine bought a Dell Ubuntu desktop as it was cheaper and she has XP on CD and just planned to wipe it. She used Ubuntu for about two or three months after she got off to a good start getting her broadband modem working and found Pidgin without any help. But eventually she needed fully compatible Power Point for her work so got her boyfriend to do the Windows install. He botched it (somehow :-S) and left the machine unbootable. She took this as a sign (Her technical boyfriend cant get windows working, but she can get Ubuntu to do anything she wants...) and decided she wanted Ubuntu back. She didn't have CDs and that's when she called me with "How do you get Ubuntu?" I thought that was a simple problem but explaining how to download and burn an ISO to her turned out to be beyond me. In the end I burnt her a disk and she been back using Ubuntu for the last 6 months.

On a side note she reckons it's far simpler, she can find her files now, feels far more secure and thanks to Synaptic shes happy to install new software...

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