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Comment Malware / hijacked sites = redirects? (Score 1) 119

Regarding whatever software / process created the filter lists for these programs: With huge numbers of sites being infected with some form of malware on a regular basis I'm wondering if it is possible that these sites when scanned did re-direct the scanner to an elicit site. There is also conditional malware that is often very difficult to detect that shows different things to different people. Perhaps it could be as simple as the malware injected adult banner ads that the filter saw and flagged the site for.

Comment Re:Do they turn up in the downloads? (Score 1) 163

Lol I'd ask if anything ever materialized, but sadly, I believe I already know the answer -__-

I've requested my data to be downloaded from facebook 3 times now since my first comment here. Each time, I've gotten the following email from facebook promptly after I've made the request:

" You recently requested a copy of yourFacebookdata. We'll send you another email with a link to yourdownloadwhen it's ready. For security reasons, the link will only work for a few days after being sent, so please monitor your email for our message. If the link doesn't work by the time you read your email, you'll have to restart thedownload. Learn what data may be in yourdownload: If you didn't request adownloadof your information, your account may be compromised. Please visit the Help Center to secure it: "

So far I've not gotten a second email response from facebook any of the times that I've made the request. (Yes I've checked my spam filter). I do have a lot of photos and videos on facebook and my only real guess is that my account is larger than what their system is setup to export. Though I receive no error or message to that effect so it is merely a guess.

I've had a similar problem with Google Takeout and have not been able to get a copy of all my Picasa Web Albums downloaded from their service. I've paid for storage space for years, but due to changes with Google+ and the fact that I'm paying for other online storage / backup services now, I want to download a full copy of all my albums from Google, which isn't working out.

Luckily I do have a copy of all of my data that is on Google, however, I don't have it organized in the same fashion that I do on Picasa Web albums, thus the reason I had really wanted to download a copy of it.
Sad to say unless something gets fixed with facebook I won't be able to complete our little experiment here.

Comment Re:Do they turn up in the downloads? (Score 2) 163

I just typed: livegoatseatchickenincanada, (into a status update box and into a comment box, but did not submit either one, I allowed it to sit for at least 30 seconds before leaving the page, more than enough time to send / save that text) a phrase which should be unique in my facebook archie. I've requested a copy of my archive be created / sent to me, I'll update this once I get a copy of my archive and search it for said text.

Comment Re:Tip of the iceberg (Score 1) 350

...however many are very likely "passively blocking" phone signals due to the commonly used construction materials in commercial buildings.

Instead of "passively blocking", I think you mean "shielding". As in a " Faraday cage". This doesn't hamper signals outside of the structure.

Yes, correct. That is a more accurate term / description of what is happening.

Comment Re:Tip of the iceberg (Score 5, Insightful) 350

Many commercial buildings have a lot of steal in the structure / roof which is very difficult for higher frequency radio waves to penetrate. (Concrete and block are also difficult for many signals to penetrate) I highly doubt most stores are actively blocking your signal, however many are very likely "passively blocking" phone signals due to the commonly used construction materials in commercial buildings.

Submission + - Ditch Sprint? or hope 4g will be here soon and solve my speed issues?

jamiedolan writes: "I need your help deciding if I should keep my Sprint phone service, I have 6 days left in my return period. I upgraded my old phone to the Samsung Galaxy SIII. With my old phone
I assumed many connectivity issues were problems due to the phone. When I still had problems after getting the SIII I quickly found out based on some simple speed tests that it was in fact
Sprints network that was slow. I've also had no signal in many areas that clearly showed there was coverage. Sprint continues to promise 4g coverage; but not
yet in my area. Sprint employees have told me 4g will solve all my access woes (slow speeds and lack of coverage) and encourage me to wait it out, however of course I am skeptical.
Should I keep the 2 year contract and hope Sprint pulls through with 4g service or find a new provider? (Important to note; Sprint is significantly cheaper than other providers in my area, but that does me little good if it isn't fast enough to use)"

Submission + - What do you get for $7 when you promote a post on facebook? (

jamiedolan writes: "Facebook has rolled out a feature that allows you to promote a posts to your friends (not fans, this is for your personal account) for the fee of $7. Initial feedback based on a survey by stern agee shows the majority of users (83.6%) are unwilling to pay anything to make sure people see an important post. I wanted to see what you get if you do decide to pay; when I promoted a post; my promoted post gathered 2.9 times as many views but only about the same number of likes as my typical post of this nature."
Social Networks

Submission + - Ask Slashdot - Keeping Customer data organized in a Social World

jamiedolan writes: "I have a small business; most of my clients are on Facebook and many are connected as friends, though some just through the fan page. Data on existing clients tends to get spread across multiple platforms, gmail, Gdocs, and BigCommerce. Unfortunately Facebook doesn't have even the most basic address book / contact manager features, so something as simple as taking a note about a clients interest in a product has to go elsewhere.
When I need to look up something about a client or potential client I might have to search in 3 or 4 places trying to find the info. It quite honestly is very overwhelming and time consuming.
I'm familiar with the old style desktop contact managers like Act, I used it for years. However if I set myself up with something like that, I fear that I would have no end of copy-paste work to keep all of my info in Act current; which would likely be no less overwhelming than my current setup.

The only automated solution I have found are products like the advanced social package from salesforce. They have solutions that tie all of this stuff together from gmail to facebook and keep everything in sync. The problem is that at more than $100 a month, their solutions are out of reach for many small businesses, including mine.

What can a small business owner do for a reasonable cost to keep all of their customer data organized and accessible without excessive manual data transfer from one platform to another? I'm not opposed to paying a reasonable fee for a service (up to about $20 /mo), I could also purchase and run software locally or on my server if that was an option."

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