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Comment Unpatched bug (Score 2) 132

From January 9, 2014 ...
This investigation highlights the potential for CRE transmission following ERCP. Health-care facilities with CRE outbreaks should consider the possibility of ERCP-related transmission. If ERCP-related transmission of CRE is suspected, reprocessing and preventative maintenance procedures for ERCP endoscopes should be evaluated in consultation with the manufacturer of the endoscope and automated endoscope reprocessor, if used. In addition, expertise in the evaluation and prevention of CRE transmission are available at CDC and can be accessed via state and local health departments.

So this "bug" went unpatched for at least a year.

Comment A low bar (Score 1) 76

... and instead focuses only on technical details such as sharpness, exposure and contrast. [ ... ] It also suggests that "perfect portrait" algorithms could be built in to the next generation of cameras, rather like the smile-capturing algorithms of today."

Algorithms that result in a properly exposed and in focus picture? I think that's been done.

Comment Because it's true (Score 1) 840

... claims that the under 40s expect everything to 'just work' ...

Because, in fact, most everything does "just work." And, the cost of the parts that need replacing makes repair uneconomical. And a new one does much more than the broken one ever did. And a new one uses less electricity. And who needs a crock pot anyway?

Comment Re:NSA (Score 2) 71

AK Marc wrote, "Skype was never P2P ... "

Wikipedia tells us:
Skype uses a proprietary Internet telephony (VoIP) network called the Skype protocol. The protocol has not been made publicly available by Skype and official applications using the protocol are closed-source. Part of the Skype technology relies on the Global Index P2P protocol belonging to the Joltid Ltd. corporation. The main difference between Skype and standard VoIP clients is that Skype operates on a peer-to-peer model (originally based on the Kazaa software[83]), rather than the more usual clientâ"server model (note that the very popular SIP model of VoIP is also peer-to-peer, but implementation generally requires registration with a server, as does Skype).

Stop making things up.

Comment Only 118,746 ... (Score 2) 87

... to go.

The USA had 118,756 filling stations (gas stations) in 2007 according to the Census

Not quite ready for prime time.
Drivers will likely have to take a slight detour to reach the station, which is in an industrial section of West Sacramento, next to a cement factory that is currently being demolished.

The station was originally planned at a Shell station 2.5 miles away in a much busier section of town, but building codes required setbacks too wide to fit the hydrogen infrastructure within the station.

Comment The only real defense ... (Score 1) 190

Mao Zedong opined that "the only real defense is active defense", meaning defense for the purpose of counter-attacking and taking the offensive. Often success rests on destroying the enemy's ability to attack. This principle is paralleled in the writings of Machiavelli and Sun Tzu.

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