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Comment Boo hiss (Score 1) 138

I don't understand society. I bought a kick ass Samsung Series 7 gamer on Craigslist that I use for producing things that make me a bunch of money. I go all over hell's half acre with it. It weighs over 10 pounds. You know what I do to move it around? I put it in a bag and use my goddamn body to lift all 10+ pounds of it. I know it's no 5 pounds, but I manage. I survive. Maybe I'm special? Stronger than most?

Comment HTML 3.2 - Manual of Style (Score 1) 623

It was a fateful day for your hero, a one James Edward Philip Huckabone, back in 1990-something. Strolling through the Oshawa Centre in Ontario, Canada; his gifted-labelled sporadic senses trained on a book bin rank with book garbage, belonging to the frequently ailing and now amazingly transformed enterprise known as "Grand & Toy". Drawn and imprisoned by the dominant "Garbage-Picking-012-443" gene passed down by his donkey father, he reduced the padding/margin between himself and said bin. Gently cursing aside out-of-print works concerning home improvement, dating advice, car repair, etc., he foraged into an encounter with a title simply named "HTML 3.2 - Manual of Style" by Larry Aronson, and Joseph Lowery (https://www.goodreads.com/book/show/3569748-html-3-2-manual-of-style). He took this deftly priced book home and read the living shit out of it. Blither blather, blah blah blah, I'm now an HTML/PHP/MySQL/AJAX/etc. pro star and am building tools to make a particular company rich. That's what happened. Leave me alone. Leave the craft alone. Nothing to see here. Dinks.

Comment Scour Craigslist! (Score 1) 732

I had a job in 2009 where my boss promised me a $1000 bonus if I worked longer hours through Christmas holiday time in order to complete a Flash animation for his company's homepage. I decided to take that and buy a laptop. My choice may be considered a silly gamble but Instead of buying new I decided to max out that money and scour Craigslist for the "dream deal". Of all the models in the world I was able to find a fully upgraded Music XPC M-7. This computer is a specially tuned music production desktop replacement based on the Clevo D900C. Brand new and with the grahpics card upgrade (Nvidia 8700m GT) it's sticker price was about $5000. I've since developed countless websites, taken it overseas, played through all the Call of Duty's, typed millions of words, etc. etc. and am typing this comment on the thing (no idea why I'm wasting time here, just procrastinating). I can't say enough about this computer. It's so frigging great. It's about 5 years old and still scores a 6.4 in the Windows 7 rating thingy. I know the price is way more than a MBP but man, you're never going to see anyone budge on the MBP price even on Craigslist. People are still asking 90%+ of new. It's ridiculous. My advice is to get on Craigslist every day until you hit a deal in which the seller really doesn't care to get a fair price and the machine they're selling is lesser known and kick ass. It'll take a while, but it's worth it.

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