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Submission + - Microsoft Posts Record Revenue, Promises Many New Products (mashable.com)

jamesbrx writes: Microsoft has just reported record revenues of $17.41 billion for the past quarter, despite PC sales being sluggish due to hard-disk shortage caused by Thailand flooding. Most of the rise in revenue came from increase in business and server sales, as enterprises are increasingly using Microsoft's business-oriented products like Office 365, Lync and SharePoint. Microsoft took largest hit in their Xbox division because of lack of new games and as rumors about the upcoming successor for the Xbox360 spread. Microsoft also noted that the upcoming months will see a large amount of new offerings from the company, as Nokia prepares to publish their array of smartphones and tablets.

Comment Re:What a great guy (Score 2) 145

Oh and for

What he should have done is gone to the credit agencies like Visa and Mastercard who would likely cut off the banks accounts in very quick order, thereby forcing the banks to fix the security hole. Even though a debit visa isn't touching the bank's money, the big credit companies take these things rather seriously if it has their name on it.

These aren't Visa or Mastercard issued cards, but Iran's own. The stupidity in your post, oh my god.

Comment Re:What a great guy (Score 1) 145

So, in my view, the hacker did good, because the people in charge weren't listening, so it made them listen.

I think you missed the point. He didn't "make them listen". The banks haven't fixed the security problem. All they have done is asked their customers to change their PIN as well as blocking some ATMs.

How do you know this? Are you in Iran and working for the banks? Even the article notes that they might have silently fixed, or are in the process of fixing them. Most of the ATM's have stopped giving out money. I think that clearly shows they are working on it. Or do you think they will just close it all down and never start working again?

Comment Re:"though it is unclear when he left" (Score 4, Informative) 145

Exactly this. Iran and North Korea don't even do that much business together. They might do when necessary, but the two countries are otherwise completely different. It blows my mind how little US people know about rest of the world. Iran does more business and shares thinking more with Russia and CIS countries. North Korea does business and shares thinking with China and Myanmar.

Comment Re:"Zarefarid is reportedly no longer in Iran, tho (Score 4, Interesting) 145

Interestingly, more than likely this is a joint operation between the United States and Israel. They have tried to get Iran trade embargoed for a long time, and more than likely are pissed off that Iran has developed their own technology to process payments and POS transactions. It is similar to USA's actions with North Korea, just that Iran is even more developed country. Both Israel and USA have been extremely aggressive towards Iran, despite the fact that I see no such aggression coming from them. I just think it's interesting.

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