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Comment Re:Hardly surprising (Score 4, Insightful) 216

The NOX issue (the one in the article) has nothing to do with the fuel and everything to do with the temperature of combustion. Diesel engines are efficient because of the combustion temperature and that causes NOx to form. If Gasoline engines were raised to similar efficiencies they would start to develop similar NOx issues.
      Diesel engines aren't more complex than petrol engines (especially with the advent of modern common rail injector systems). They don't have a throttle or ignition system of any sort. They have to be built heavier because of higher compression ratios.
      Diesel is used in tractors and big rigs because of efficiency. The gallons per mile per ton are lower with diesel.

Comment Re:I can't speak for anyone else (Score 1) 207

Personally I feel naked WITHOUT a watch on my wrist, I've worn a watch of one sort or another since I was..7 nearly without break.
      I've worn a connected smartwatch for 4.5 years now and wouldn't go back to the unconneced smartwatches I wore before.
      My current is a pebble time I bought on sale.

Comment Re:After Reading the Article (Score 1) 279

There was a link in the article, the issue specifically referred to was

"He just wanted a better way to fix a minor hydraulic sensor. Every time the sensor blew, the onboard computer would shut the tractor down."

      A failure in a sensor disabled the whole tractor, annoying and expensive in a lost work way.

Comment Re:This was _outlawed_ in the USA? (Score 3, Insightful) 545

I doubt many cases actually happen in Podunktown USA, only larger cities have the resources to waste on this sort of idiocy. I know this because I live in Podunktown and most kids are on the free range plan here. If you would call the police on a kid playing in the park alone they would say, "So what's the issue? Is he/she valdalizing park equipment or beating up on other kids?"

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