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Comment Re:What happened to Common Sense? (Score 1) 363

Far too often I see pedestrians step into the crosswalk in such a way as to make it all but impossible for the left turning car to safely stop.

That's not a real objection.

Competent drivers don't put themselves into that situation. It's the driver's responsibility to be driving at a reasonable speed so they can stop when someone who has the right of way (as in a pedestrian) steps into an intersection. If you can't stop, by definition you're going too fast.

Comment Re:Seattle Will Soon Implode (Score 1) 410

Seattle's new "feel good legislation" will put the city in a huge turmoil/ quagmire within a few years. when the mandatory new $15 an hour minimum wage goes into effect, there will be massive small business layoffs.

If the minimum wage increase were going to cause major problems here, you'd be seeing it already. No one would start new small businesses here, and large businesses would already be ramping down.

It's not happening. Our economy is fantastic and getting better. It's a great example for the rest of the country - arguments against the minimum wage aren't doing well when faced with actual evidence.

Comment Re:Takes two to tango (Score 1) 120

So if deal between Apple and Ireland was illegal, shouldn't Ireland be fined as well?

Why? Not fining Ireland serves a very useful purpose: it means any country can easily agree to these schemes, and then back out painlessly. Apple pays all the costs of crony capitalism (presumably they have to spend time and money placating politicians), and receives none of the benefits. Attempting to fine the Irish government would just make it harder to punish Apple, since presumably the Irish would also fight any penalties directed at them.

Comment Re:Read the source code (Score 4, Interesting) 430

This is silly. I've been trying to use Autodesk Fusion 360 - it's most definitely a proprietary bit of software from a large developer.

The documentation is worse than awful; you'd be better off just reading the source.

And iOS vs Android? iOS is pain layered on suffering. Reading the source would be _so_ much better than depending on Apple.

Commercial != good doc.

Comment Re:prepare (Score 1) 146

There are a bunch of companies selling SIM cards online (e.g. Telestial), both for the US and for global roaming; just search on Google.

When I looked at these, they had crazy pricing for data. It only made sense if you were going through a different country every other day and couldn't be bothered with local sims.

Comment Re: Straight Talk GSM or Ting CDMA (Score 1) 146

Should be straightalk customer service is awful, as I said the phone service is great.

Awful is relative. I'm a happy straighttalk customer; at various times I've been an unhappy customer with Sprint, TMobile, and ATT contracts. You'd have a hard time convincing me straighttalk is worse than any of those - but they're all variations on bad. Absolute worst case, you wave goodbye to straighttalk early in a month, and you're out something like $45. No early termination fees makes it much easier to deal with bad service.

Comment Re:P4 (Score -1, Flamebait) 79

He didn't say P4, he said "older". And yes, there are servers that sell, new, for many thousands that will sell, used, for a fraction of that - still in the thousands, just many fewer thousands. This isn't mysterious, happens many times a day on eBay.

What is mysterious is that the original poster thinks that a new company in the used-equipment space is interesting on slashdot. It's not.

Comment Re:Get a local phone number (Score 1) 506

I've lived in Seattle since 1994, and getting interviews and jobs here has always been easy. Today, it's really easy. Just show up at any sort of networking event and announce that you can write code, and you'll be swarmed by people who are hiring. Really. It's not quite the Bay Area (or at least it's not what I think the Bay Area is like now), but it's still booming. I haven't sent out a resume for a long time and I'm constantly getting email from recruiters.

Comment Re:Computer vs human drivers (Score 1) 449

Another 64% said computers were not capable of the same quality of decision-making as human drivers.

That's right. Based on my observations of human drivers (not to mention traffic fatality statistics and the nightly "single vehicle accident" reports), the quality would consistently be better. Don't mod me funny, please. I'm not joking.

I suspect the number of slashdotters who assume that robots will quickly be better than humans is close to 100%.

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