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Comment Not an issue (Score 1) 630

This is something the publishers insisted on so text to speech wouldn't impact sales of audio books. If you have a problem with it, blame the publisher.

Personally, I'd rather have an e-book with no text to speech than no e-book at all.

Comment mis-leading title (Score 2, Informative) 419

The title of this article is very misleading. If your amazon account is cut-off your kindle would not die.

What would happen is that you wouldn't be able to access the newsfeeds and you wouldn't be able to redownload books you've purchased from amazon.

You would still be able to ...
Read any amazon books still on your kindle or that you've backed up to your computer.
Read any non-DRM books (I've read as many DRM free books on my kindle as I have DRM books bought from amazon).

So, that's a long way from your kindle dieing.

Comment Re:Kindle is a piece of shit (Score 1) 409

Every e-book I've checked has had the same price or lower (and usually lower) on amazon. The only real use for this script was if you had e-books you'd purchased elsewhere before you got the kindle (because after it would have been cheaper to buy it from amazon). My wife has a netbook, no way I would/could read a book on it as easily as I can on my kindle. Reading on a back-lit screen just sucks compared to e-ink, even the 4 shades on my kindle 1.

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