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Journal jallison's Journal: Google apps for your domain

I decided to check out Google apps for your domain to see if anything they offer would make my life easier. After looking through, I made the call to move my mail over there. It's a pretty straightforward process: you tell Google what your domain is, they verify that you really own it, and then you put in the appropriate MX records to direct mail to Google.

That's all fine and dandy, and mail started flowing in pretty quickly. Now I POP it to Thunderbird and use Gmail as an archival/search mechanism. I don't know why they don't just set up IMAP, but they don't. Anyway, this part is good, but I don't like the spam filtering. Google has gone with dirt simple spam filtering. If Google thinks that it's spam, then it goes in the spam bucket. You can go into the spam bucket and identify something that is not spam, but you cannot turn off the filter. Nor is there any whitelist capability. Nor can you POP down spam for analysis on the client side. If Google got 0 false positives, this would be fine. But of course they don't, so you're left hunting through the spam folder for false positives. That sucks, and is to me a major hindrance to accepting this solution.

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Google apps for your domain

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