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Comment Verizon is trying to get rid of PPPOE (Score 2) 180

I have had FiOS as long as anyone. The original deployment used PPPOE encapsulation for traffic, and required your router to sign in before getting an IP address.

Newer installs are regular Ethernet and simply rely on the router MAC address for access control. PPPOE and Ethernet configurations are currently co-existing on the FiOS network I am using, I can use both at the same time with two routers, one with DHCP and the other with PPPOE.

They are maintaining dual infrastructures with entirely separate public IP address ranges. While charging their customers to encourage them to get rid of the legacy ActionTEC routers is annoying, they did send me a new one for free. I'll possibly set it up some day if I am forced to.

Comment nearly back to 4:3 with 2 side by side (Score 1) 567

I use two 24" 1920x1200 screens in portrait mode side by side. That gets me 1900x2400 viewable with a vertical bar down the center. They are IPS panels so the viewing angle is fine in that orientation.

Putting the two monitors side-by-side in landscape or mixed was not going to happen at my desk so this was just sort of a happy discovery. With the nearly square aspect, it fits into the corner where the old CRT used to put it's backside and I still get lots-o-dots to look at.

I usually end up working with 4 windows tiled equally across the two panels, or a document maximized on one side while working on the other.

I spent entirely too much time scaling and cropping an antique world map with the side-by-side globes to perfectly span the two screens with the fold lost in the vertical bar. If nothing else it is a real attention-getter.

Comment Darwin shot and missed on this one (Score 2) 427

Imagine he was in an accident and rendered unconscious with his car still powering the jamming device. Assume it was a single car accident, no need to be cruel to others. Anyhow, nobody can call for help and nobody thinks to switch off the ignition in his vehicle which is clearly not running. If it jammed first responders communication equipment too, all the better. He could enjoy a nice long wait for an ambulance.

Comment I built one 10 years ago (Score 2) 164

Based on a steel mountain bike frame, it's decidedly INelegant and heavy, but super-effective on a commute that rarely exceeds 20 MPH by car.

I got a solid 7 years out of a 36V 10AH NiMH battery pack before it croaked. Now it is resting in the basement until I decide to re-power it with some flavor of lithium.

In the original post I asked if the Golden Island machinery motor was any good. Neither the motor nor the controller gave me a day's trouble though the original wire was too thin.

I also asked about lead-acid batteries. They were garbage. Too heavy and the power faded below a useful level long before they were considered discharged. I got a good deal on an NiMH pack and was very pleased with it overall.

I have since lashed up a 48V test pack and really enjoyed the power it gives. The original controller seems to work fine at 48V, the capacitors are all rated 60v.

The best thing I did was add a Watts-UP meter so I can keep an eye on remaining capacity and monitor power flow.

The most alarming thing about the bike is the brakes which are marginally adequate for the combined weight of bike and rider. They need to be upgraded before I hit the road again.

Comment Re:Wow, Pixelicious! (Score 1) 102

Frankly, I thought I'd never be able to play 4K video on my system.

Windows Media Player is completely unable to handle it and YouTube@4K is jerky at best, even with all the tweaks in Chrome turned on.

I am running a Radeon HD7700, Seiki SE50UY04 and a Core 2 Quad with Windows 7 x64 and the latest Catalyst and VLC.

Once I turned on hardware decoding in VLC it played flawlessly. I can stream YouTube videos to VLC but I can't get them to send 4K yet.

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