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Comment Re: What's old is new again. (Score 1) 320

This is just bullshit. People have such a dumbass love for the cult of the gun. At one point in Iraq the A10 was grounded because they had 16 A10's out of the battle. It was decided they had to be held out of the fight with any unit that was even remotely cohesive and equipped. Fact of the matter is the A10 was made for battling tanks in the Fulda gap and it has no place or survivability in the modern battlefield. Sure it works against insurgents without even MANPADS, but thats not really that hard is it? But when it comes to low conflict hammering of under-equipped insurgents you don't need a A10 do you, you could use the A-29, drones or attack choppers.

Submission + - World's Most Powerful Private Supercomputer Will Hunt Oil, Gas (

Nerval's Lobster writes: "French oil conglomerate Total has inaugurated the world’s ninth-most-powerful supercomputer, Panega. Its purpose: seek out new reservoirs of oil and gas. The supercomputer’s total output is 2.3 gigaflops, which should place it about ninth on today’s TOP500 list, last updated in November. The announcement came as Dell and others prepare to inaugurate a new supercomputer, Stampede, in Texas on March 27. What’s noteworthy about Pangea, however, is that it will be the most powerful supercomputer owned and used by private industry; the vast majority of such systems are in use by government agencies and academic institutions. Right now, the most powerful private supercomputer for commercial use is the Hermit supercomputer in Stuttgart; ranked 27th in the world, the 831.4 Tflop machine is a public-private partnership between the University of Stuttgart and hww GmbH. Panega, which will cost 60 million Euro ($77.8 million) over four years, will assist decision-making in the exploration of complex geological areas and to increase the efficiency of hydrocarbon production in compliance with the safety standards and with respect for the environment, Total said. Pangea will be will be stored at Total’s research center in the southwestern French city of Pau."

Comment Re:What has the Tolkien Trust ever done? (Score 1) 325

Boo fucking hoo, somebody inherited something of value, and you didn't. Yeah, it's an imaginary something, but in our system even decades old imaginary ideas are valuable. That's life in capitalist, corporatist America. Why single out the Tolkien trust? Because Tolkien should be free to be adapted and misused by every leach out there, not just the official leaches? You REALLY aren't thinking this through.

I for one blame Mickey Mouse.

Comment Re:That's a bit harsh... (Score 4, Funny) 294

Actually, the gloves DO cause brain damage. It's nearly impossible to knock someone our bare handed with a blow to the temple, but easy as hell with gloves. The glove protects the hands, not the face. Notice that in college or olympic boxing they wear protective gear on their heads?

Well, I have professional Muay Thai experience and I'd agree with the gloves causing brain damage. However, as far as the general consensus goes, thats because of the gloves flexing and causing vibrations in your head. As well as that you can get hit a lot in the head, I read that it's better to get a hard blow and get knocked out than lots of small ones. Interestingly, I know a lot of sparring partners who dont like sparring in head-gear because they often feel more dizzy afterwards than without. They attribute this to the gear giving even more padding for the vibrations. When it comes to it being nearly impossible to knock someone out bare-handed I gotta disagree. It's got more to do with where you hit, and how prepared the opponent is. As they say, it's the one you dont see that'll knock you out. Obviously there are several other factors as well. In MMA they wear minimal protection on the hands and people get knocked out just fine.

Comment Re:Kobra mudding (Score 1) 238

I played Basternae and Duris( and introduced my friends to these wonderful games. Two of them dropped out of high school because of that! They still mud in fact, every time a new MMO comes out they try it, decide it's too carebear, and end up back at Duris with it's free PK and FULL loot. I thankfully had my major addiction with quake1(quakeworld). I've been clean for 7 years and 43 days now.

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