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Comment MS & Start Menu (Score 4, Interesting) 442

The odd thing to me is that they just can't compromise and allow for a Start Menu on the desktop. It isn't like this is a new product, they have a significant existing user base. Just have an option. Maybe right click the taskbar and the properties dialog has a "Show Start Menu" option. That alone would be huge.

The funny thing I think is that one of the reasons Windows Mobile 6.x sucked was the insistence on the Start Menu paradigm. But now to have a more mobile friendly interface they kill the start menu on PC's.

Comment So do we know it was the drone? (Score 2) 140

Or would the geek in us just like to assume it?


01/11/2012 - The T/V Renda and CGC Healy have not travelled any significant distance since noon yesterday. The vessels remain approximately 100 nautical miles from Nome. An experienced U.S. ice navigator hired by Vitus Marine as a technical advisor arrived safely on board the Healy around 4:00 PM today. He may transfer to Renda after assessing the challenges from on board the Healy.

01/12/2012 - The vessels worked until approximately 12:30 am this morning and made good progress. They are currently about 70 miles from Nome and hopeful for continued good progress today. (updated 10:15am)

01/13/2012 - At this time, the Renda is staying offshore while the Healy is making runs to test the ice and determine the best place for the Renda to moor for the fuel transfer.

Comment Re:In fact? ASTOUNDING even myself, see inside (Score 1) 160

It is good that you can still remember potentially incorrect facts 10 years later, it is more of an old "Microsoft Windows 2000 Marketing Blitz Fact" than an actual fact IMO

100M lines of pre-Windows 2000 code here

I say potentially because "lines of code" isn't a great metric, it is hard to know if its apples to apples language wise etc etc

Comment New trend... (Score 3, Interesting) 165

Comment Re:Daunting (Score 1) 354

I've purchased items on for many years, still doesn't make Amazon "daunting". Although taking a peek at it now, looks like they (newegg) have changed the UI a little bit, at least since the last time I logged in.

I often assumed Newegg had the best pricing in the past, but then found a physical store chain ( that beat it cost on some items, even with sales tax taken into account, so go figure.

Comment Daunting (Score 1) 354

FTA : "In fact I myself find the website disturbingly daunting, and I worked there for over half a decade. I've just learned to kinda defocus my eyes and concentrate on the million or so pixels near the center of the page above the fold."

Huh? we are talking about the e-commerce site?. Just type in what you want and hit search. Add to cart. submit, done. How hard is that? Retail usuallly isn't about big empty spaces. Unless you have large profit margins or physically large products (think Apple stores, 'phone' stores, car dealerships, high end audio etc)

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