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Comment my thoughts (Score 0) 196

As far as the motors making 350 - 400 hp, it's totally plausable. If you're simply doing a unit conversion from kW to HP you're doing it wrong Hhe HP rating you're getting from that conversion is electrical horsepower, not mechanical. You have to put this thing on a dyno to get the true output in mechanical horsepower. it's not as simple as doing a mathematical conversion from one unit to the other. And as far as they aerodynamics, I'm sure that they designed it to be as aerodynamic as possible. Yes the tires do need cooled down, any race in that car for any amount of time would create vast amounts of heat on the tires causing them to run slower than they could with cooler tires. I'm not going to explain why that is. if you want to know look it up. OVERALL I'm not impressed. The Tesla Roadster is faster, and more available. SOOOOOO.... I don't see any need for these guys to toss around words like 'Les Mans' because that's just not in THIS car's future. maybe something based on this. but not THIS car.

Comment just try it (Score 0) 528

jesus, you guys need to stop bashing microsoft so much, well atleast the people that haven't tried win 7. It's really nice! I had vista installed on an old laptop (1.5ghz celeron m with 1gb of ram) and it was unusable (it scored a 2.0 on the experience thing), even with the classic UI it was so slow it made me want to toss the laptop in the microwave. But then I installed windows 7 build 7066 on it and it's wonderful. I've got full aero ui and all the goodies running, and it's fast. real fast. Even faster than xp was on the same machine. Infact it outperforms my backup desktop (Athlon 64 4600+ dual core with 3gb of ram) which is running vista. AND ALL THIS IS ON A BETA WITH ALL THE DEBUG SYMBOLS! When 7 is running release code it's going to be super fast! I have yet to encounter anything that I don't like about windows 7. I'm not an M$ fan boy. Infact I hate ALL OS's. But for this release of windows I think you should try it before you even think about saying one negative thing about it.

Comment and what about me? (Score 2, Interesting) 628

growing up I used to put away a 12 pack of mt dew everyday, and now as an adult I easily drink 10 cups of coffee a day (I've got a 22 ounce coffee cup too!) I've never had hallucinations unless I specifically invoked them through other means. Anyone ever wonder if the college students were on any drug, other than caffeine?

Not to mention I'm not high stung, and I don't think anyone is out to get me, and yes I do sleep just fine at night.

Maybe for the general case this study is correct (and displays what everyone already knew) But in my case it's totally inaccurate. I'd like to see this study preformed on professional developers (such as myself) I bet the results would be totally different. Then again maybe I've built up such a tolerance to caffeine that it just doesn't phase me any more.

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