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Comment Re:N95 is very nice, but battery & price is a (Score 1) 271

That is interesting, I have N95 and the battery life on it is better than I expected. I have bluetooth turned on (set as hidden though), and my phone synchronizes the calendar with my work computer every hour (of cource only when I'm at the office, ie. around 8h per day). Also I use bluetooth headset while driving. Sometimes I use the VideoCenter to watch news etc. And the phone is in dual mode (using 2G when 3G not available). So my usage is pretty heavy batterywise, but still I get around 3-4 days with one charge.

One thing that might consume a lot of battery is that if you have 3G turned on and you live in an area where the 3G signal is barely strong enough, the phone might do constant changes between 2G and 3G, so the GSM antenna is not sleeping like it should. And you might be surprised how much power that thing draws :). Also I have observed that the battery life increases by forcing the phone to use 2G even when the 3G signal is strong. So, if you don't need the better data transfer rates of 3G, then I would suggest that you force the phone to 2G mode (Settings -> Telephone -> Network). Also it is possible to force the phone to use only 3G, which would also eliminate the phone changing between 2G and 3G networks.

Submission + - NIACs last hurrah: 1000 km space bubble structures

nanotrends writes: "The last Nasa Institute for Advanced Studies projects are being presented now at the NIAC site.

Some of the last NIAC studies are a system for making massive bubbles in space and then making them rigid after inflation and roving lunar RVs that carry an inflatable connection for a base camp. A single bubble can be 1 meter in earth gravity, 100 kilometer in low earth orbit or 1000 kilometers in deep space. Foams made of many bubbles could be far larger in size. Metal can be evaporated to coat the inside of the bubble for reflective sails and telescopes. Large structures can make telescopes that are millions of times more powerful than the Hubble Space telescope and solar sails that are light weight and fast."

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