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Ten Ways To Destroy a Hard Disk 289

Barence writes "Following his blog last week about the homemade hard disk destroyer, Bustadrive, Mike Jennings was deluged with comments from readers, both on the blog and here on Slashdot. Most seemed to like the product, but also offered up far more innovative and madcap methods of hard disk destruction, with a wide range of implements used — household and otherwise. In this follow-up post, he rounds up the best of an imaginative bunch of hard disk destruction methods."

Comment Re:and yet NYC still has traffic jams (Score 5, Informative) 882

Yes, it is your fault. You are not the police. You are not God. Stop trying to control traffic with YOUR over-inflated sense of entitlement.

YOU are the single point of failure in these scenarios. You are outnumbered by the people wanting to go 69 (or whatever speed) in a 65.

I typically drive about 4-6 mph over on the freeway. I have no problem moving to the right (or even the center) lane when someone wants to go faster than me. Neither should you. The only reason in the world for you to think it's OK to sit in the left lane going the same speed as the person in the next lane over is because you think you are in control. You are a bad-ass wannabe traffic director.

Get out of the way of the other people needing or wanting to move faster than you.

Comment Re:and yet NYC still has traffic jams (Score 1) 882

The former is understandable, but if it's the latter, why should I make room for you to break the law (go over 65)?

Because then YOU are the reason traffic gets sponged into one area, making for more dangerous scenarios. Why be a jackass and hold up traffic in the lane that's designed for people to pass in? Simply move over and go the same speed you were in the first place. There are laws in some areas that require you to be in the right lane(s) unless you are passing. So, if you are sitting there in the left lane, YOU are breaking the law. As they say, two wrongs don't make a right.

When signs say "slower traffic keep right" they mean slower than the speed limit.

This is the law a was referring to above that you are apparently aware of, but seemingly choose to ignore. And no, it doesn't mean those "doing less than the speed limit". This means everyone. Yes, you too.


Class Teaches Nerds Social Skills 639

PeterAitch writes "According to Reuters, Potsdam University in Germany is now teaching social skills as part of their IT courses. This is intended to 'ease entry into the world of work'. The 440 students enrolled in the master's degree course will learn how to write flirtatious text messages and emails, impress people at parties and cope with rejection(s)." The class is taught by a superficial model, who will fall in love with the nerdiest student at the end of the semester after realizing that he is beautiful on the inside.

Comment Re:UNIONIZE (Score 2, Interesting) 835

You are correct. No one is entitled to a job. Though, if you are a hard worker and a top performer, you should be recognized and compensated accordingly. Not fired because you *make too much*. Whose fault is it that they were making that much to begin with?

You are also correct in saying that a company's job is to make money. However, a company will not fare very well if it's employees aren't happy employees. Turn around is much higher, therefore raising training costs.

When a company treats its employees like dirt, expect the employees to treat the customers like dirt.

There is a delicate balance between employer and employee. One can't survive without the other. Sooner everyone realizes this, the better off society as a whole will be.

3D Printers To Build Houses 305

gbjbaanb writes to point out an article in the Sunday Times describing two separate programs where robots are being developed to build houses. The Los Angeles project is farther along than the one in the UK, but the article provides more details on the techniques employed in the latter. Liquid concrete and gypsum will be sprayed from nozzles in a manner analogous to an inkjet printer. From the article: "The first prototype — a watertight shell of a two-story house built in 24 hours without a single builder on site — will be erected in California before April. The robots are rigged to a metal frame, enabling them to shuttle in three dimensions and assemble the structure of the house layer by layer. The sole foreman on site operates a computer programmed with the designer's plans... Inspired by the inkjet printer, the technology goes far beyond the techniques already used for prefabricated homes. 'This will remove all the limitations of traditional building,' said [an architect involved with the UK project]. 'Anything you can dream you can build.'"

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