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Comment Re:Great. (Score 2) 249

They apparently have 60 years to decommission the plant.

"Although the plant will close by the end of next year, its legacy will live on at the Vernon site on the banks of the Connecticut River. Entergy has 60 years to decommission the plant under a plan approved by the Nuclear Regulatory Commission. The time will allow the company to accumulate money in a fund set up to pay for dismantling and cleaning up the site."

Comment Re:What about 6,7 and 8? (Score 1) 87

The question then would be, is 6 vulnerable to this? Or any of the vulnerabilities since it's last patch (early 07 I think). I don't have 6 to test with, but I have to wonder when they say previous versions may be vulnerable.. Sounds like they just want you to upgrade a product that may be working fine (and at a cost of $99 for a standard upgrade copy, multiplied by the number of employees in your corp that may have it.. that's not cheap).


Submission + - AMD Phenom Processor Underwhelming (

SizeWise writes: "The Barcelona core is the first major update to AMD's CPU line up since the introduction of the Athlon 64 back in 2003 and is intended to keep the company going for several more years. While the server-based Barcelona launch was met with lukewarm results, the desktop Phenom processor was just launched and seems to be even more underwhelming. Running at only 2.2 GHz and 2.3 GHz, much lower than the 2.8 GHz anticipated back in June, AMD's new flagship quad-core CPU has trouble keeping up with any Intel quad-core processors and even some dual-core parts. AMD will be cutting pricing to stay competitive but can an already financially unstable corporation keep this up?"
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Submission + - Samba's GPLv3 sparks a heated debate in Fedora (

yalsaif writes: "A heated debate is ongoing in fedora-devel mailing list about the implications of including the GPLv3 licensed version of Samba in Fedora 9. The discussion is centered around two topics. First, the effects of Samba's decision on KDE (specifically the licensing implications on the GPLv2 only kdebase and kdebase4). Second, whether Samba should reconsider it's decision to move to GPLv3. While some suggested that SMB support should be dropped temporarily, others suggested a compat-libsmbclient as a temporary replacement to libsmbclient (the SMB library used by kde). Introducing a compatibility package raised some concerns on package maintenance issues. Some argued that a compatibility package would only defer resolving the issue until something critical forces GPLv2 only projects to adopt a GPLv3 compatible license; however, others expressed optimism and argued that a transitional period would ease transition to GPLv3 and would give open source developers more time to make a decision regarding this issue."

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