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Comment Re:WTF (Score 1) 338

*The Running Man* has been brought to you by: Breakaway Paramilitary Uniforms, Ortopure Procreation Pill, and Cadre Cola; it hits the spot! Promotional considerations paid for by: Kelton Flame Throwers, Wainwright Electrical Launchers, and Hammond & Gage Chainsaws. Damon Killian's wardrobe by Chez Antoinne: 19th-Century craftsmanship for the 21st-Century man. Cadre Trooper and studio-guard side arms provided by Colchester: the pistol of patriots. Remember: Tickets for the ICS studio tour are always available for Class-A citizens in good standing. If you'd like to be a contestant on THE RUNNING MAN, send a self-addressed stamped envelope to: ICS Talent Hunt, care of your local affiliate, and then go out and do something really despicable! I'm Phil Hilton! Good night, and take care!

Comment i lost... (Score 1) 352

...the game.

But seriously, on my first playthrough i lost 5 of my 9 crew. i lived with the consequence and this is the game i will be bringing forward to ME3 (if the option is there)

Im currently on a second playthrough of ME1 with different sex character, when it comes to ME2 maybe things will be different this time but i probably wont use this game in ME3 until ive finished it with the first one.

Comment Re:search function (Score 1) 183

I used to use rapidshare to host custom map files for several games. Ive also uploaded several large photo albums for members of my family to download.

One of my friends is a film editor and she regularly uses rapidshare to transfer stuff from home to work without clogging her mailbox.

People do use it legitimatly, a LOT of people.

People do use it for piracy asweel but these are the only ones you really hear about.

Comment But... (Score 1) 362

Me and the missus play blackops online, split screen, most nights.

We have two 360's but splitscreen allows us to sit together and have a laugh rather than in seperate rooms.

Comment Re:Of course... (Score 1) 542

Google owns a huge building in dublin, they employ well over 2000 people directly.

Microsoft have a couple of buildings in ireland the one closest to me is fairly big maybe 1500 employees.

Intel is currently keeping an entire town alive if they were to pull out Leixlip would become a ghost town.

According to a Chinese News Channel ireland is about to have a peoples revolt.

Long live the glorious Peoples Democratic Republic of Ireland

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