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Comment Re:IMHO, not lazy, coddled. (Score 1) 491

We live in fear of things being messed up due to media. But in reality, things are extremely secure for you. The media has convinced you that you need more more more, and things are bad if you can't get it. But in fact you -already- have more than any previous generation..

There are better social welfare programs than ever before. There' is less homelessness, less hunger, and people are living longer, which means better health. A big concern for people that live in poverty today is obesity. Too much food. Unemployment in America is low. It's very popular for all people, even young kids, to not only have a cell phone, but a smart phone. Did you know a smart phone cost per year?

Comment 10 degrees makes most of Earth uninhabitable? (Score 1) 418

I'm having trouble with this part: "This would make most of Earth uninhabitable to humans."

But I guess maybe most of Earth is uninhabitable by humans now? The oceans cover 71 percent of the Earth's surface, right? Are they saying that more than 50% of what is now habitable will be covered with water and will become uninhabitable? What about the currently uninhabitable parts that will become habitable?

Comment Very Accurate, Maintainers -vs- starters (Score 0) 77

I have found this to be very true outside of Open Source as well.

Some people thrive on pressure, deadlines, designing and building things that are hard to design and build, working in teams solving tough problems. Those people get bored when the SW project goes into maintenance mode. Others don't thrive with all that. They want to, or are at least willing to work at a different pace, with different kinds of challenges, reverse engineer other people's work, make bug fixes or incremental improvements under less stress and with less risk.



Video Software Engineer Liz Bennett Talks About Being a Woman in a Nearly All Male Workplace (Video) 370

This conversation was generated by a post Eric S. Raymond published on his "Armed and Dangerous" blog that said, "...if you are any kind of open-source leader or senior figure who is male, do not be alone with any female, ever, at a technical conference. Try to avoid even being alone, ever, because there is a chance that a 'women in tech' advocacy group is going to try to collect your scalp." Eric later wrote a post about how Social Justice Warriors may be more of a problem than the problems they complain about.

Whoa! Predatory women in tech trying to entrap people like (and including) Linus Torvalds the way an old-time private eye got the goods on an errant husband as part of a divorce case? Scary! And worrying about thoughtcrime, too? Oh my! But Liz Bennett is an actual software engineer who works at Loggly in San Francisco. She writes for her company's blog when she's not writing Java code, has a (not very active) GitHub account, and plays bassoon. And her attitude is similar to the one espoused by ESR in the second post (above): write great code -- and if you do, they (for any value of they) have no right to be negative about you, period. And, she says, before you take a job you should be sure the company is a good "fit" for you and doesn't harbor people who will work to bring you down -- which is great advice for anyone, in any field of endeavor.

Comment Splitting hairs.. Socioeconomic selection? (Score 1) 298

I guess for examples of natural selection I always think of the weaker, sicker, or less well adapted who are unable to survive as well, so they get removed from the gene pool before passing their genes on.

Saying tall men have more kids doesn't feel like natural selection. I think it would be more like socioeconomic selection. Tall men make more money and so can have more kids and they get better healthcare.

Comment HUGE Aftermarket opportunity here: (Score 1) 194

I know for a fact that certain makes/models of aging tractors have very low or even non-existent aftermarket resale value because they are too hard/confusing to troubleshoot and ECUs/electronics/wiring parts are way too expensive. A clever mechanic/electronics person could make a lot of dough 'breaking the code' on these control systems, buying these tractors cheap, rebuilding the electronics and selling for 10's of thousands each.

Comment And don't throw me in the brier patch! (Score 1) 431

I guess when the Justice department starts complaining about a 'zone of lawlessness, I start thinking... Hmm,, I bet they now have access to that email we all think is encrypted.. "It's _so_ encrypted. We just can't break into it. It's a safe zone for criminals. "

umm.. ookkaaaaaayyyyy....

Comment Re:yeah ... Are You Kidding? (Score 1) 219

In our American two party system, the two parties are so close together in political stance that there is no real choice. And how will voting for a specific party cause the secret negotiations to end? Do we think either party is against this? So, I'm not sure what voting has to do with anything. It's more about how the system is broken.

Capitalism isn't a political system, it's an economic system, and it's not going to fail. It will always work because it's goal is for the people participating to make money, and they do.

Democracy is a political system. Ours democracy started off badly when the economic policies of Alexander Hamilton got the newly born nation into a bunch of stuff a gov't doesn't need to be involved in, The Federalist party, founded by Hamilton further promoted American treasury policy that helped capitalists make money. And our gov't has slowly slide further and further into the hands of capitalists. Don't get me wrong. I think capitalism is great and is perhaps the only economic system that can work. But it can be kept separate from gov't to a much larger extent than we now do.


Comment Re:Free speech but not trade (Score 3, Interesting) 219

Assuming you are American or from another developed country Free Trade probably isn't the goal. Free Trade will mostly benefit big corporations who will make more money by producing items in whatever country who's employees will work for the least. And those 3rd World Countries will benefit big time. Effectively wages and standard of living gets averaged out. Rich North Americans and Europeans get poorer as our jobs move out of our countries, and our money moves out of our economies.. Poor Africans and Asians get richer.


Comment Re:Automation and jobs (Score 2) 720

Don't know why you're ROTFLing. The people that are needed to work the restaurant with the automated systems will need to be a higher caliber of employee than the 10th graders you see learning how to press buttons on a PAR terminal now. And they'll get paid more because they won't get people good enough if they don't pay them a little more.

Comment Re:Automation and jobs (Score 2) 720

IMO automation like this is what will allow industries to pay a 'living wage", so increased the quality of life for some. Services industry will have less employees, but they will be doing the harder more demanding jobs, and they will be payed more. Quality of life will go up for those who keep their jobs at a higher pay rate, and down for those who were only marginally employable before, who now become absolutely unemployable due to their lack of skills, motivation, work-ethic, etc...

You can't have your cake and eat it too. If you want the service industry to pay their employees more, obviously, that industry is going to find a way to not hire the unskilled marginally employable people who aren't worth the living wage hourly rate.

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