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Comment Capella? (Score 2, Interesting) 85

You can always try the Capella plans from the link below. I built it and it works fairly well. I find the friction required to get a proper static/stable lock on anything insufficient. Could be my implementation of the plans. I'm modifying the concept to use a couple of worm gears to stabilize everything. I've purchased some worm gears for garage door openers with 0.5" shafts. They are sturdy enough to keep a lock on an object. Probably not accurate enough to track an object over an extended period of time but, this is just for fun right?

have a look see:

Comment That Darn XBOX (Score 1) 499

Not sure where you are experiencing your problem: at work or at home?In my case, my son's XBOX USB WiFI dongle was periodically trashing my home WiFi. Finally gave up, ran a wire and poof WiFi problem is now gone. Any consoles on your Wifi network active between 8and 10?

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