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Comment Gratuitous sex scene?? Really (Score 1) 829

Is this really necessary?!?!

You know, one of the things I really enjoyed about about the SG series was the fact that I was NOT subjected to the gratuitous sex scene of some skank getting porked in the nearest mop closet. These scenes have absolutely no relevance to the show and really show the writers lack of ability to write a dramatic sci-fi without degrading the entire series... just another smut show.

Writer: Scene opens... great story ensues... cant quite fill the entire time slot.... uh... hmm... oh, I know... skank in mop closet.... ya.

Thoughts to self..."Man I am such a great writer... I hope they don't catch on."

SG-U ... if this is what your are going to offer, just shut it off. Either that or get some better writers that don't have to fall back to flashing trash because they can't fill a complete 45 minutes with quality writing...
Operating Systems

Submission + - Starting a new office.. what OS platform to use? 2

jag7720 writes: "I am part of a new project that will be filming a documentary. The project HQ will be in the US but it will take us around the world and will last approx 18 months. I am the IT guy and will be responsible for most if not all aspects of hardware and software (not to include editing).

We are probably going to use Google mail/calendar/docs and unlocked blackberrys for communications. Computers use will mainly be for communications and writing.

I am a huge advocate of Linux and Open Source and I want to use it if possible.

What would you recommend for an OS platform for a project like this and why? Linux? Mac? Win?"

Comment Everyone gets a trophy (Score 1) 1316

This is caused by parents that will not allow their children to fail... at anything.

In t-ball... there is no score and everyone gets a trophy.

There are no longer failing grades in school.

Helicopter parents send their kids to school and step in when little Johnny has a problem.

This is also the cause of the current administration's desire to bailout everything

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